I’ve come across an article where the writer of Stranger/Secret Forest talked about her ideas for season 2. It’s an interesting read where she shared her belief about “going forward for a better world” and “moving toward change”. She even discussed about climate change (yes). I’m a fan of her works. I find they are often though-provoking, socially relevant, at the same time realistic, not merely finding the killer or providing a solution.
Here is the link, you can use Google translate to read
I have a feeling that FoS season 2 would be another great work of her. Please…I have faith in you, writer-nim.


    Thanks for sharing! I used google translate and although the results aren’t all good, I could still follow the writing. I loved it when she said that the process is everything and you’d fail when you stop. That’s so hopeful I think. I can’t wait for this weekend! I have faith that she can’t write anything shitty. :3