Well, I was supposed to post for Waikiki in its final month, but while the show continued to be a bright spot in my week, I was just too ruined between school, work, and these two.

Yes, I have been silently obsessing over Pretty Noona. I want to join the ep 1-6 recap but I don’t know what to add, other than giving a detailed description of how much they make my face hurt from smiling. The couple has been so giddy-enducing and realistically portrayed since the beginning, but this week they took it to another level for me. Both Son Ye-jin and Jung Hae-in have fully inhabited their characters and I love that the drama actually took the time to build up to the “I love you” moments between them. Those scenes were already raw and beautiful, but then this scene happened, and it was even more perfect in displaying how much their relationship has deepened.

And, really, that’s about all I can manage for intelligent commentary here, lol.


    I think that’s all the recap post is. Squeeing over how cute they are.