This is a great yt channel to explore some amazing k-indie


    I was looking for something like this without even knowing I was looking for it. Thanks so much!


      You’re welcome! It’s always the best best feeling to have that happen.

      This is another great channel – they’re an indie label
      They have Lucia, Zitten and Epitone Project among many others, which JB and GF used to post all the time in the earlier days of DB. My personal favourite is Sentimental Scenery for some chillstep-like music.

      Also, this channel makes great playlists that are great for playing in the background

      Yozoh comes out with some great songs as well. This is an OST from Hwayi: Monster Boy

      I don’t know if you’ve heard of MadSoulChild, but their lead singer Jinsil has a beautifully unique voice. This is an OST for Duel
      and another OST for Ahjussi: The Man from Nowhere

      Neon Bunny releases indie electronica music

      CIFIKA is another experimental electronica artist This is a live-ish performance.
      This is her label’s channel

      Hope you can continue to discover more great artists. ❤


        Aw cool, we have a lot of music in common! I love Pastel Music compilations on Spotify which I randomly found via the Coffee Prince OST, didn’t know Zitten were signed to them. Big fan of Yozoh, Neon Bunny and CIFIKA. Will have to check out Lucia, Epitone Project and MadSoulChild, thanks so much for the recommendations.

        Do you like/know OOHYO, Cherry Coke and/or Rad Museum?


          I know OOHYO and Cherry Coke, but I’ll have to check out Rad Museum.

          I’m kind of all over the place in terms of music, but I’m glad that we have a lot of music in common. 🙂


            I can tell you probably have a ton of great recommendations, please do share when you come across something new 🙋‍♀️