Wtf was that Alice finale 😣


    Alice finale episodes were starting to make some acceptable semblance of sense (in the context of time-bending dramas, that is) with the time reset until the last 15 minutes of the show and a living Park Jin Gyeom shows up. I mean … ???

    And no one ever explained how 2050 Tae Yi that went back to 1992 looks exactly the same as 2020 Tae Yi with no signs of aging AT ALL. Isn’t she supposed to be/look 30 years older by then???

    AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, I am still salty that Min Hyuk died just like that!!! What a waste of character… we never even got a chance to know him beyond surface level of his loyalty to Alice and his love for Tae Yi. Honestly, I’d be much happier if that architect at the end of the show was Min Hyuk rather than Jin Gyeom. That’d make much more sense to me.

    I’m officially taking a hiatus from any time-bending related kdramas, TKEM and Alice this 2020 alone has exhausted my brain as it tried so hard to suspend logic for the sake of appreciating the show.