Holy moly circle has thrown me into a loop! Literally everything I had speculated was wrong all though some speculations seem to be coming through… The twists from these episodes are real though!


    Okay so I totally got which twin Joon Hyuk was wrong. I legit thought it was Woo Jin but lol I guess not! I do love the twist though and the last scene was heart wrenching. But now I am worried that the chairman might be Woo Jin or he might have somehow turned evil in this new universe… Although I have to admit I am glad that Bum Gyun has supporters and seems like even Bluebird is someone who supports him.

    Her shock though when she found out who he was, made the scene feel like she was watching it with me XD I legit said nearly the same words as her before they should her staring at the screen wide eyed and I legit found my mind running in circles.

    So what happened to Woo Jin? How did they find Bum Gyun? What about our alien girl Jung Yeon what happened to her? What is going on? Why is this show pulling me in all these circles?

    The fact that Erro seems to be towards the darker side I have to admit saddened me a bit I found myself loving their bickering scenes and the way that they slightly grew upon one another. But the fact that he is scared of what he had found and he didn’t want to have anything threaten that is understandable. I do love how they showed his memories and the way they played the scene out as his whole world collapsed around him. The adorable scene with his girlfriend, finding out she passed away and then realising that he was WEARING THAT SAME FUCKING TIE!!! All those moments killed me, but the moment he put the tie away and stopped wearing was the killer part. It showed how he really didn’t want to remember his past and the fact he went to Deputy Chief Lee to ask him to suppress his memories just cemented that fact.

    Although we know that Deputy Chief Lee is one of the”bad guys” (most likely, I mean you never know if the show pulls a fast one on us) and the chairman as well. What I do love was the Mayor’s decision to keep going with the investigation to keep working through and figure out what the hell is going on. Cause imagine if even the mayor was not wanting to do anything. Jeepers no one would get anywhere while trying to investigate.

    Can we also just take a moment to appreciate how the show keeps throwing curve balls at us about Jung Yeon’s actual identity is? the fact that she doesn’t remember and the teeth marks on her dad’s(?) arm show that there is something going on. the only thing we dont know is where her loyalties lie. For me I feel like she is genuinely trying to help out personally all of her actions have shown that and personally even there are a couple of things that make it a bit odd there was nothing I could hold against her.

    But I love how the story is moving and the relationships are starting to be created and broken over and over again. Thank you TVN I sincerely thank you.


      Holy shit wow I wrote an essay…


        I just caught up with epi 3 and 4 and I love it more than the earlier epi. Is the gal really the same alien? Her memories seems to be stolen as well just like many others in this show. Joon Hyuk in 2037 is the same as the lead gal in 2017 as both do not have memories of their younger years.


          It does seem like she has managed to become a totally different personality but I am assuming this was because of the memory loss and she spent time with people “her age” and became the being she is now.