There were so many different emotions evoked in the movie ‘Beauty Inside’, despair, sadness, the feeling of being helpless. I was moved deeply by the traumas that the woman had to face, mainly due to the fact that she just couldn’t stop loving the man, but at the same time the pressure, the pain of connecting to a new person, a new face was too much for her to handle. It was a fictional story, yet at the same time, it felt so real. And romantic. The silent expressions and the silent mood was persistent throughout the movie and it never lost its tempo. And needless to say, han hyo joo was magnificent as the woman who still waited for the person whose face kept changing after every night. I remember watching it and feeling as much bothered as her, wondering how I would have felt if I fell for someone like that.
Sorry for the long rant lol, but I just watched the trailer of the drama version, and I feel like the whole mood is totally lost, at least as much as I saw from the trailers. I don’t know what tone are they going for in the drama, but the seriousness is all gone, and it feels too easy since the male lead has already figured it out it seems, the skill of recognizing her easily, which was the main challenge in the movie version. The cool colors, the furniture designer, his passion for making furnitures even with such a troubled life, and the silent deep ambience totally drew me in-, so I am feeling a bit disappointed. 🙁 Um, maybe in han hyo joo’s hands at least something of the movie would have remained, or maybe not. Sigh..


    I still listen to the movie’s OST while traveling or if I’m on those moody days. Still remember Kim Joo hyuk’s scene in that one 😢