WWW thread won’t let me post my comment (for the third time in a row *sigh*) and I feel like it’s been ages since I commented about what I watch, so I decided to post it here ☺️💕

Doom At Your Service – I still don’t know where this drama is heading, what kind of end it will have, but I still like it, very much (I know I’m wired😂). As a person who doesn’t like the amnesia trope that much, I’m glad that they figure themselves out within an episode (not entirely, but almost). But as much as I love the main OTP, the second lead love triangle is driving me nuts. Lee Suhyuk and Kang Teoh deserve better, dramaland! And Shin Dohyon should’ve been Dr. Bae, not Na Jina.

Racket Boys – There’s nothing much to say, except that I love this show and our boys so much! And after watching all those cameo appearances in episode six, I’m itching to watch Prison Playbook again.

My Roommate Is A Gumiho – It’s still funny, but now we have some angst and undefined feelings to sort out between Dam and Wooyeo. And I’m really enjoying other characters, especially the clueless and sassy ex-fox Hyesun. And the way Jaejin blocked that kiss was hilarious 😂

Hospital Playlist S2 – My most anticipated drama of the year! Just watching all those familiar faces makes my heart full, and the week-long wait for a single episode is killing me already 😭. And my heart is about to burst thanks to a certain pediatric surgeon who’s now a smitten, lovesick puppy 🥺(and his shirtless body😍)

Imitation – Speaking of smitten, lovesick puppies, how can I forget Kwon Ryok! This show is cute, cute, cute, and never fails to make my heart flutter. But the scariest part of this show is the fangirls. If being a fangirl means basically being a possessive stalker, then I’m glad I’m not one.


    And I’m certainly not wired, just weird, but I still can’t decide whether my keyboard is wired or weird *curls fist towards sky*