After My Ahjussi, I needed something light and feel-good to get out of the emotional state it left me in. I was thinking of starting either Mother or Live but I thought it might be too much if I watched them right after the other 😁

I decided to pick-up where I left off with A Love so Beautiful. That Epilogue in Ep 1 definitely got me! Worth watching for the lead couple alone: heroine was adorable (I loved it when she cried) and the male lead was the epitome of the geniussssss tsundere character that is my catnip (why is this guy so handsome? Why?!!)

It made me laugh that their faces couldn’t both fit in the same close-up frame. Cookie-cutter story but the romance was sweet enough to make me smile and they had the chemistry to make my heart flutter. ❤️️

The rest: editing, story flow, and character development were meh. I had to keep reminding myself to stop thinking so I don’t get frustrated 😜