Ok, LIVE is amazing!

It has this ability to make me tear up at the most unexpected times: I’m watching in neutral emotions-mode and then the character says or does something and then split-second BAM, tears just fill my eyes and I’m like WTH. Reminds me of when I was watching Prison Playbook. lol

It’s funny and heartwarming and heartbreaking, and it’s as thrilling to watch them arrest a drunk driver as watching a detective hunt for a killer. More often patrol police officers are relegated as extras in the dramas I’ve watched for the more ‘glamorous’ detectives that solve the crimes which are ripe for meatier plot, but here they take center stage.

It’s a drama but man it feels soooo real! It’s making even ME question how I see police officers in real life. It seems such a thankless job too! You know how something that seems simple and mundane belies its importance because it’s easy to take for granted? This drama is making me think of and feel all these!

Since they’re the first responders, the ones directly in contact with civilians, it may seem like they do the simplest tasks, but their life is on the line every time. And their job title alone kind of makes people set up a higher bar of expectations for them to meet, sometimes forgetting that they’re human too. It breaks my heart every time they get yelled at or are unfairly treated 💔

Any drama that transcends the screen to portray something that is LIFE is a gem in my book. 👍❤️️