Day 11- Secondary character that stole your heart and the show (SL, villains, kid…).

There were a lot of memorable secondary characters this year.

From Kwak Dong-yeon in Vincenzo whom I spent the first episodes wondering why he accepted such a simple role to marvel at his chameleon skills in the latter half.

Then there was the cray-cray ex-husband of Jun Jiu Ling, played by Du Ya Fei, whose clear eyes filled with utter obsession always entertained me instead of filling me with disgust.

Alice Ke in Railess Love in a Godless Land is another scene stealer. Playing a character who aims to always be in the way of the OTP, she could easily be seen as tiresome but instead she brings a sense of mischeviousness and fun.

And finally, there was the second lead couple that stole the show. Miss the Dragon was such a dud for me, but the secondary characters were something else. They had chemistry, they had a great story and the actors were the best in the show.