Day 25 – Most fabulous style

There is one style that stood out to me a little bit extra this year. I’ve always admired the way Park Bo-young dresses in her dramas but her style in DOOM AT YOUR SERVICE was just exquisite. Too often, I find actors and actresses of shorter build horribly styled in outfits tailored to height, making them look even shorter.

Park Bo-young in DOOM AT YOUR SERVICE is the shining example on how to make the petite frame both fashionable and comfortable at the same time. Those long skirts, numerous boots and knitted sweaters were truly one of the memorable things this year for me. I know nothing of fashion, but I was really nice seeing something a bit different in drama land. There will be a separate post on the coat-porn, it deserves it own post.


    Oooo, love these outfits! I love the skirts too, the beige is my fave!