Livestreamed the 3 drama awards (as usual) last 2 nights, & I wish the cable channels have their own award ceremonies too.

Now, it’s my turn, aka Jrr’s Korean Drama Awards 2019. (My kinda Year in Review 🙂)

[For my own reference: 2018]

New Eye Candy – Ong Seongwu, Moment of Eighteen
New Eye Lolly – Lee Seol, Less Than Evil
Romcom Newbie – Kim Jaewook, Her Private Life
Favorite Squad – Special Labour Inspector
Favorite Ensemble & Best Side Characters – Fiery Priest
Favorite BL Potential – Hwi X Sunho, My Country
Favorite Secondary Couple – The squirrel & her acorn, Doctor Prisoner
Favorite Scene Stealer – Dohwa, Extraordinary You
Favorite School Drama – Moment of Eighteen
Favorite Revenge – Doctor Prisoner
Worst Weekender EVER – Mother of Mine

OST of the Year (objective) – Be Melodramatic’s Shampoo song
OST of the Year (subjective) – WWW’s Scent by Sam Kim
Favorite PPL – Be Melodramatic

Romcom Crack – Clean With Passion For Now
Makjang Daejang Ganjang Gejang – The Last Empress
The Fashionista – Hotel del Luna
But I want her wardrobe – Angel’s Last Mission: Love
Always drowning in his eyes – Ji Sung, Doctor John
The only Drama Special I watched – 17 Year Old’s Condition
Thank god I’m a marathoner so I dodged these bullets: Vagabond, Arthdal Chronicles, Melting Me Softly

Most Memorable Character – Kang Sungmo (Kim Kwon), He is Psychometric
Favorite Actor – Son Seokgu, Designated Survivor: 60 Days + Be Melodramatic
Favorite Actress – Jung Youngjoo, Fiery Priest + Golden Garden
Channel of the Year – JTBC

Happy New Year beanies! 🎊🎊