in jay-z voice: “stan so hard, dramabeans wanna ban me (that shii cray, that shii cray, that shii cray).”

the iotnbo ost is truly the secret sauce! my top 4 below:


    4) “sketch book,” janet suhh – is it just me or is the fobby voice so comforting? it signals, “you are about to watch a good korean drama. it will feel like comfort food.” 🙂
    3) “wake up,” elaine – the iconic “saranghae” background music … turns into a headbangining rock song? wtf???
    2) “breath,” sam kim – makes me visualize mini-GT carrying his bouquet to frowny mini-MY … and i’m verklempt.
    1) “you’re cold,” heize – unpretty rapstar 3 still stands as my favorite reality TV show of ALL-TIME. heize + iotnbo = a couple almost as hot as #hyunji. almost.