Reversed gender CITT in the making.
Please just kill off Ga-Eun and let KSH join another drama where her talent will be properly recognised. She is no stepping stool/ wallpaper for anyone.


    IMO, this drama is bad for all the actors. Of course, none beats KSH. I’ve read the recent comments -At best Ga Eun is terribly written. At worst, they have kinda done a CITT on KSH. I can’t be sure of the latter because I actually think the writers are that dumb to think they made Ga Eun a likable character.

    Even the Crown Prince is pathetic, he’s practically useless. KSH does nothing but look puzzled, shocked, sad and cries and YSH isn’t better, he just looks pained, hurt and cries. YSH’s crying face is not helping either.

    While we think this is utter rubbish, I won’t be surprised if the writers thought it was the best way to serve fans.


      My goodness I heard many of the forums in SK are in flames. If they think Ruler trending on Naver alone is a sign of a well-written drama then yes, they are right.

      This drama is a disservice to everyone except Yoon So-Hee. I didn’t hate her before and probably won’t in another of her projects, but tbh and call me a hater and whatnot, just seeing her in this drama makes me sick. I have never felt strongly as this about an actress since Jin Se-Yeon in Gaksital.


        Because of this drama, I have a very low opinion of YSH’s acting. Previously I was neutral.

        I am glad I stopped watching. Honestly, it was affecting my opinion of KSH too! That’s the problem of a badly written character. As much as we all know actor and character are different, some negativity does spill over. I don’t hate villains, I actually like actors who play villains well. The characters I hate most are the dumb ones.


          I really can’t blame anyone for doubting KSH’s acting. I would have felt the same had I not seen her previous works and performance. True she’s not the best one out there and still has room to grow as an actress, but of all of her roles so far Ga-Eun is the worst one can think of. The poor girl’s face is swollen from all the excessive crying and she has to write a message apologizing to her fans because she’s made to cry so much and she still has to cry even more towards the end of the drama.

          I’m still following the recaps but perhaps I should stop doing that too. This may sound harsh but I’m disgusted at the writing of this show.