Day #20 – A drama that made me cry

Go Back Couple was one of the dramas that made tear up, all those scenes between JinJoo and her Mom (the feels!)

But the one drama that really had me bawling my eyes out was The Smile Has Left Your Eyes.

The characters, the constantly uneasy mood, the colour palette used, the soundtrack and especially the acting.

The acting on this drama was just superb – Jung So Min and Seo In Guk were perfect. All of the main characters were so complex and layered in a way that made them so believable and intriguing. I felt every moment of this drama, the warmth when Moo Young and Jin Kang found solace in each other and the heart wrenching pain when they stayed apart.
Needless to say, I was absolutely gutted (those who watched it will know)

One of my faves, but I’m not planning on re-watching it anytime soon, enough with the emotional roller-coasters for now haha