Rambling of the Day: Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency
The king’s motivation upon being handed the throne is wrong on the get go. I won’t blame GT because what I got from her from the beginning is that, like she said, he is like a brother to her. At the time of his proposal, he provided her the excuse to not live on her own, sharing her burden by herself. She has no better option plus she has not seen herself as a girl who a guy might desire. And Kim Soo has his own baggage too from the moment he was taken till now for keeping his big secret. He is just selfish. In which he fails or chooses to ignore. She will be dead very soon once her identity is exposed. Anything related to a king is an easy excuse for punishment, harsh or not. That is a fact or, must I say, the norms in a sageuk. Kim Soo doesn’t even bother to think about the consequences of his actions, of how these will be used against him, who has yet to gain his power in court. I can’t help but comparing this with Jumong. That one drama potrayed a much more worthy king who is able to let go of his first love for the sake of his country. As I have expected Kim Soo’s one and only motivation to learn and think and strategize as a king thus far is just to bring GT into the palace, preparing what he thought would be a safe haven for her. Nope, it’s not going to happen. If she has any conscience, she will never go to palace for him instead she will leave as that is the biggest sacrifice she can ever make to ensure he will become a sage king, with no one to be used against him to control him e.g. queen of seven days, Jumong’s first queen. We are not talking normal people here, so what viewers expect of common people love story won’t happen. This is about a king, his one-sided love and a nation that he is responsible with managing. Really by now he should have known how to prioritise. He is just a lame character to me, given the time he has been studying and gathering precious information about the corruptions in the palace. No sympathy from me. Nope.