Wednesday, September 18, 2019.

A night that relieved me of so much stress, inhibitions, and self-doubt. A night I’ll remember and cherish forever.

The night I finally attended my first DAY6 concert.

The night I — a quiet, reserved, introvert — stood in a screaming crowd and jumped, sang, shouted, and danced to my heart’s content.

The moment I — a hopelessly besotted fangirl — raised my hands, lost in a breathtaking snowfall of confetti, and forgot even to look at the band members. I sang the words “이 순간이 좋아” and meant them with my whole being.

The night I stood face-to-face with each of those five beautiful people and told them “thank you” for everything. The night I and hundreds of other fans sang their songs back to them while they gazed out adoringly at us, seemingly still shocked and touched that we know the words.

A night I can only describe as “magical.”

There have been many artists and celebrities that I have liked and admired, but I can’t even begin to explain how much DAY6 mean to me. They were a continuous, renewing source of joy for me during one of the most frustrating, confusing, and anxiety-ridden years of my life. Their lyrics speak directly to my soul, and often even express my exact innermost thoughts. Their words, written and spoken, encourage and inspire me to keep going and keep trying when life is hard. Their music is a comforting home no matter what I’m feeling, an outlet through which to vent my sadness or anger, and a well of infectious happiness.

As usual, Young K’s lyrics say it best: “the word ‘love’ isn’t enough for this beautiful feeling.”