I didn’t like the stalker trope the writer used in this drama to bring out the protective instincts in SH. It seems too dramatic and dark for a light and instrospective drama like this. And I don’t like the fact that JH has to be reduced to a damsel in distress when she was able to stand up for herself very well in front of the rapist director and writer. Why can’t SH tell her about the suspected stalker status, and let her do something about it on her own? Who knows, she might even quit her part time job at the cafe, and look for a job somewhere else. Therefore, I wasn’t that enamored with the last scene where SH went to her rescue. Sure, it showed a progress in their relationship, but I thought there could have been other ways to bring about the progress without resorting to a possessive second male lead or a stalker-like male lead. Can’t the second male leads be normal?