Recently I tested Covid Positive and was quarantined for a week. Nothing in the current batch of dramas interested me. By chance I discovered a BL drama on Netflix called kieta hatsukoi Or my love mixUp. It was short, sweet and amazing. It opened up a whole new avenue of dramas for me. I’ve heard of BL dramas but never bothered to check out any. Right now, I’m searching for good LGBTQ dramas. Till the new batch of dramas drop by. Here’s to discovering a new genre of dramas. Guess one good thing came out of being quarantined. Don’t know if this counts or not but anyway

Love, february.


    I’m planning to watch that after I finished Cherry Magic, which you should check out as well 😉


    Hopefully your feeling better!

    I liked No Touching at All and Given manga, but I haven’t seen their adaptions so not sure if the adaptions did them justice. I listed other drama’s I liked:

    Korean BL
    Where Your Eyes Linger
    I want to recommend Love with Flaws but only for the BL side romance. I really liked Cha In Ha’s (RIP) last performance.
    To My Star

    Korean GL
    Am I the Only One with Butterflies? S1+S2

    Thai BL
    A Tale of Thousand Stars
    Lovely Writer
    Bad Buddy
    Not Me


      I’m fine. Thank you ☺.
      The thai ones I’m planning to check out. They have good ratings. I watched one ep of tale of thousand stars.
      I didn’t know that there were GL dramas as well! Maybe they’re not as popular. But I’ll check that one out.
      I dropped love with flaws. You mean one of the heroine’s brothers right? Anyway I don’t think I’ll go back to it. As for the other 2, I’ll check them out as well.
      Thanks for the recs 💕


        Here to second where your eyes linger and to my star. And the latter will have a sequel which was just announced!


        I wasn’t a huge Love with Flaws fan too, aside from the her brothers’ romances. Maybe there is just a YouTube cut…. but that’d still be a bit awkward so I totally get passing on it.

        GL doesn’t seem to be as popular and a most of the titles I’ve seen seem to keep angling towards a more “realistic” and downer angle, especially with the endings which I’m not to fond of.
        But I totally forgot about More than or Equal to 75 Celsius which I think was produced by the same team as Am I the Only One with Butterflies. That was also pretty cute.


          What do you mean by realistic and downer? Not happy endings I presume.
          Anyway I’ll check out the 2GL dramas you mentioned. Thanks for the recs!!!


            Downer would be a non-happy, tragic, and/or a depressing ending (for the viewer or the show itself).

            “Realistic” can be an assortment of things, one being the idea that being in a non-heterosexual relationship is unsustainable or even some internal homophobia makes them think its a phase. Another is how there is a large social pressure that keeps them from the relationship while contrasting to traditional family stereotypes. Can also include parents who refuse to accept their sexuality and/or being non-heterosexual causes them to loose friends or their job.

            This isn’t to say that BL’s don’t tackle issues around homophobia, coming out to their parents, living as gay, etc.
            Also, I may have just not had good success in picking out GL.