A bit more about Father Is Strange:
I wonder if we were given a foreshadowing with the line ‘Once he asks her out, the drama will end’?
Why do I get this ‘the fourth wall breaking’ feeling?


    ikr!! I hope not.. i really wanna see some cute moments b/w the two once they actually get together.. but i have this sinking feeling that it is gonna end on that note.. only 10 episodes left and they will need to resolve father’s old case.. explain that Joon-hee actually forgave father & didnt want him to turn himself.. etc etc.

    Although considering how they swept by the director-Acror Ahn conflict, we can hope they can sweep this by too & spend more time on cute stuff, right?! #unrealisticExpectations


      I’m sorry but I think they are unrealistic for sure xD This show feels pretty comfortable with all the angst by now.
      I hope we’ll get a normal kiss at least and not be left with the reminder of that awkward fauxcest kiss.