Loving all the BTS & BTOB song sharing. We only need BAP/B1A4/VIXX/Block B to complete all the “B” legends of their generation. What’s funny is all the “B” groups here are close buddies. #kpopbromance


    BTOB are basically close with everyone and their mother. Girl groups, boy groups, big seniors, famous juniors, nugus juniors, idol peers, indie artist, rappers, duo Akmu, everyone is somehow friends or friendly with BTOB. lol


    They’re not legends but I don’t want people to forget Boyfriend. Also B.I.G., Boy’s republic, etc. 🙂

    @silverp BTOB is also close to Got7, they hug each other when they win awards, and hang out with each other during music shows, and Sungjae promoted Jackson’s song on his IG yook_can_do_it, as an igot7 I so emo when I saw his post. They’re also close to Monsta X, which is another favorite group of mine.