I watched more dramas than usual this year (for me), but most of them were pre-2021 and/or non-Korean. Beyond Evil, Someday or One Day and The Untamed were definitely the highlights, with Chief Kim and The Imperial Coroner close behind. All in all, it was a really solid year of drama watching!

2021 K-dramas
Beyond Evil
Bossom: Steal the Fate
On the Verge of Insanity
Dali and Gamjatang

Pre-2021 K-dramas
Chief Kim
Her Private Life
Hot Stove League
Mad Dog
Moon that Embraces the Sun
My Unfamiliar Family
Reply 1988
The Crowned Clown
The Fiery Priest

Joy of Life
Someday or One Day
The Imperial Coroner
The Untamed
The Victim’s Game
Word of Honor
30-sai made Dotei Da to Mahotsukai ni Nareru rashii


    Shout out to 30-sai made Dotei Da to Mahotsukai ni Nareru rashii aka Cherry Magic! I couldn’t stop grinning the whole time I watched it.

    I also heard they’ll be making a movie 👀


      It was super cute, although I got a little frustrated with what felt like unnecessary plot complications in the second half. However, Udon the cat is the best matchmaker ever.