I finally started HYENA!
I’ve watched the first 4 ep & it’s a lot of fun. I’m firmly in Heejae’s camp, bc from what i know so far, Geumja is just a schrewed, intelligent but terrible person. So i find it hard to sympathize with her even though there seems to be more to her story. But she’s fucking hilarious.
Watching their tit for tat was engrossing & super entertaining, and now that Geumja is going to be at Song&Kim I’m really excited to see them work together & how their relationship will develop.

I feel like i wouldn’t have watched this drama under any other circumstances, but KHS & JJH make for such interesting and refreshing leads together for me to miss out on this & the supporting cast is pretty good to which makes for an overall great cast.


    Like you, my thought was, she’s a total hyena (in fact, both of them), and I was looking forward to see her develop some moral capacity, but the show took me on a more complicated journey. In the end, I was happy to see her as a rare representation of an intelligent and capable woman. Overall, it was a standout for me.