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Grab a beer and drink with us as we recap the worst dramas of 2017!

Skip around to your least favorite dramas:

0:40 — Manhole
2:50 — Bride of the Water God
4:27 — Criminal Minds
6:40 — Ruler—Master of the Mask
10:06 — Revolutionary Love
12:08 — Introverted Boss
13:20 — Reunited Worlds
14:22 — Hospital Ship
15:15 — Tomorrow With You
16:08 — Man to Man
16:57 — Tomorrow With You

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I have not seen and have no plans to see: Manhole, Ruler, Introverted Boss, Reunited Worlds, Tomorrow With You. Of this list, I do occasionally see positive comments about Reunited Worlds and Tomorrow With You so I'm interested in what people say.

I dropped Criminal Minds which was a poor choice to re-make as it really is a killer/profile of the week type show. Just not enough time to build on the characters like they did somewhat in the US show. You're right, it takes years. Also agree, would love to see LJG and MCW in a historical drama. (A good one)

I actually liked Man to Man though it did go sideways a bit. Hospital Ship was just a missed opportunity to do something unique (like the J-drama that is similar) with the hospital setting. It did have its moments though.

Of the ones listed, I think the one that got better as it went on was Revolutionary Love. I do realize most didn't stick around but once I realized this really wasn't much about the romance but rather these three people changing their lives, I actually ended up enjoying it. The romance is tepid til the end and they should have skipped it.

I meandered through Bride of the Water God and it was overall a forgettable drama. My disappointment isn't with any of the actors. I want to know what the heck happened to the writer. She wrote Arang & the Magistrate which was a drama with layers of story and multiple character arcs and it came together so well. I was really looking forward to Bride because I'm one of the people who couldn't finish Goblin. I did finish Bride and am not really bashing my head on the desk or anything; just surprised that was all there was to it.

If it was me, I think I would take off either Man to Man or Revolutionary Love and put Temperature of Love in its place. That writer jerked those characters all over the place. I think I'm done with this writer.

Happy New Year of k-drama watching everyone!


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I've only recently started watching kdramas and more and more have come to depend on your reviews or if I am unsure, wait for your recaps before watching. I agree with ruler- I simply gave up in the middle and just watched the last episode, didn't feel like I missed much. Bride of the water god again was a huge bore, especially the ending that made no sense.
But I liked tomorrow with you to some extent for shin min ah, although it had too much angst that was meandering at the end.
Hospital ship was pointless, without basis in science and infuriating at times.
I did not see the others, so can't comment.
But there were several others that I absolutely loved, so I hope I get to watch more this year.


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I agree with your comments on all the drama except Revolutionary Love and Tomorrow with you.

I agree Siwon overacted but his goofy tactics playing against his dad got our whole family laughing. It was fun watching replay and laughing episodes after episodes. Things got better in the later episodes so try finishing it please

Tomorrow with you I agree the storyline was not that great but and too much dialogue that most people would not bother to watch and listen to the conversation. But I liked it alot. BOth leads did a marvellous job.

The most boring dramas for me was the Bride and Reunited World. I also agree that Temperature of Love should be in the list too


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