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Coffee Prince Chapter 5: “Can’t Disappoint the Witch”
by | July 21, 2007 | 49 Comments


Bi / Rain – “아쉬운 빈 공간” (roughly translates to “lonely, empty space”). This is my favorite Bi song, and one I dub the sweetest let’s-get-bizzy song I’ve ever heard. Basically he laments the empty (physical) space between him and his girl, having reached that point in the relationship where he feels a kiss is insufficient to express his love, and now he wants to sleep with her. HAHA. But I swear it sounds more sweet than skeezy in Korean. [ zShare download ]

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Okay, so between Bad Couple’s final two episodes, the two upcoming episode of Coffee Prince, and Harry Potter, I probably won’t be writing novel posts for a couple days at least, but I’ve gotta leave off with this section first, since Chapter 5 really turns up the heat. Woo!

Let’s just say I wish I could translate the entire chapter, but at least you have your faithful Xanga poster for that.

CHAPTER 5: “Can’t Disappoint the Witch”

So Eun Chan is angrily on her way to see Han Gyul, who’d so officiously demanded her presence at a certain party at the last minute. As it’s Valentine’s Day, the party is for singles, but also serves as a de facto welcome-back-to-Korea gathering for Han Gyul.

At the party, he’s harassed by his friend’s little sister Ye Rang, whom he dubs the Anaconda for her voracious man-eating personality. I’d left her out of a previous chapter because it seemed a pretty small point, but essentially she’s obsessed with Han Gyul. When he wakes up from a night out with her in his hotel room, she claims they slept together. He insists he didn’t touch her, but he’s inwardly a teeny bit worried that he might have even though it’s likely she’s lying. But because she’s his friend’s sister, he’s worried she’ll spread the gossip and cause trouble for him.

Anyway, Ye Rang keeps pestering him and it occurs to Han Gyul that he can kill two birds with one stone. Or, rather, with one issue (that he’s gay), he can rid himself of two women (his blind date and Ye Rang). So he calls Eun Chan to the party.

Arriving, Eun Chan forcefully tells Han Gyul she’s done with their arrangement, and Han Gyul agrees: “Today’s the last day of this show. We’ll finish this decisively today…” That suits Eun Chan, though Han Gyul doesn’t divulge the plan slowly forming in his head…

All right! Today, he’d do it definitively. In front of all these people, he’d have his coming out. With such loose lips, there’d be no reason to hold back and the rumors would fly. Although his old man would flip out hearing about it, he wouldn’t have to deal with clinging women for at least a few years. This was a lucky chance.

“Han Gyul pushed over a glass of tequila. Eun Chan, bewildered at the situation she found herself in, accepted it. Han Gyul clinked his glass to Eun Chan’s and tossed back the liquor. He’d borrow some strength from alcohol in order to loosen his nerves. Eun Chan felt the same anxiety. Han Gyul remembered the time in Seattle when his openly gay friend Dick had grabbed him in a sudden kiss. You could say he thought the kiss wasn’t horrible.

Just then, the partygoers start up a game called the witch game, where a man and a woman basically groove on each other onstage and one gives the other a lapdance. The “game” gives them an opportunity to play the roles of tyrant and witch (it’s okay to be skanky if you’re “acting” as a witch?). After one couple goes, Ye Rang goes up onstage and announces her partner: Choi Han Gyul. He turns her down as unsuitable and is in turned named the witch, and told to pick his lady partner.

Sulky and bitter, Ye Rang comes up with an idea to stick it to Han Gyul. She looks around the room and sees the guy with Han Gyul, and calls out slyly, “The partner doesn’t strictly have to be a female, does it?” Ye Rang points to Eun Chan and says, “That guy over there.” The crowd stops for a second, then (somewhat jokingly) reacts with excitement and calls out for a kiss.

Han Gyul looked at Ye Rang, who was giving him a look that said, “Come on, see if you can try it,” and gave her his thanks. This was going better than he’d thought. This way would be a hundred times better than presenting Eun Chan, shabbily dressed like some idol star, and saying, “Actually, I’m gay.” Since it was a game, it wouldn’t seem artificially planned, but the effect would linger. It would leave people wondering if he was gay, but provide no definite answer. The rumors would run even wilder.

Han Gyul put his game face on and spoke in a low voice to Eun Chan.

“Show time.”

Han Gyul gets onstage and tells Eun Chan to come up, inciting excited murmurs through the crowd:

“Is he really gonna do it?”
“Wow, he’s so cute. I just want to bite him!”
“Look at those cheeks. I think I’ve seen that guy around somewhere. Is he in Dong Bang Shin Ki?”
“Who’s that guy? I haven’t seen him before.”
“I dunno. He must be Choi Han Gyul’s sweetheart.”
“Sweetheart? Is that a girl, or a guy? That bastard sure is pretty.”

Eun Chan’s stunned, while Han Gyul starts feeling nervous. He’s only ever kissed a guy once, and that was a surprise kiss from a friend. “Dammit. What if he threw up?”

Han Gyul catches Ye Rang’s eye and sees that she suspects he’s just putting on a show. He realizes he’d better go all-out, because if he doesn’t, it won’t be convincing and he might wind up in the hands of the Anaconda. He’ll just go for it.

Casting aside his misgivings, he grabbed Eun Chan’s head and pulled it toward himself. Eun Chan had gone stiff, and he pressed his lips to hers.

Amid the catcalls of the crowd, Han Gyul has a wayward thought:

Whoa, he’s soft.

Without realizing it, Han Gyul’s hand had naturally made its way to Eun Chan’s waist to pull her to him. The hand holding Eun Chan’s head held on even tighter. At Han Gyul’s increased pressure, Eun Chan pulled her waist away, little by little. Unconsciously, Han Gyul cocked his head, fitting his lips to hers like perfectly matched gears. He kept moving his lips softly against hers. Stillness hung in the air, as silent as though someone had pulled the pin out of a grenade. The kiss, which was deeper than anyone had expected, had frozen everyone still.

Forgetting everything about his surroundings, Han Gyul found himself engrossed in the kiss. Suddenly, Eun Chan’s eyes flew open like they’d fall out of their sockets. The instant Han Gyul met her eyes, he was struck with the realization. He’d pushed his tongue in her mouth.

/end Chapter 5.


49 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Brnice

    Waou… so the physical proximity is much earlier in the book than in the series ; and the attraction of Han Gyul feels towards Eun Chan also… Wonder how this is going to turn out…

    Anyway, thanks (again) for the “update”, javabeans !

  2. Deedlith

    Yay that was fast Thank you!!! So this is the famous passage that’s on the backcover ^^ I was getting chills when I read this, cause 0CoffeePrince0 translated this small passage with the so famous kiss on Xanga here: http://www.xanga.com/CoffeePrince/604967027/teaser—back-cover.html

    And I was dying to know more. Which is in fact quite different from the drama…

    … In the preview of Episode 7, it seems the one who really initiate a kiss is not Han Kyul but Eun Chan herself


    Can’t wait to see what you’re gonna tell us about the next chapter ^^

    Have a good time reading Harry Potter ^^ You’re so lucky, I’ve ordered it but I have to wait until next week for my father to bring it to me… Fortunatly, time is gonna fly with 0CoffePrince0’s translations, your reviews, and the Coffee Prince’s episodes.

  3. gail

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ crazy. can’t wait for the fall-out.

    seattle? yay, seattle!

  4. Deedlith

    Ah yeah talking about that these ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ…
    Do you really enjoy that much giving us a hard time… it would have been more bearable if you just waited some days and posted chapter 5 and 6 instead of chapter 5… One week later 6.


    Well I’m a reasonable person, I’m not gonna cry for a stupid book.

    OH GOD!

  5. javabeans

    ^^ oh weird. did something strange happen here? i can delete one of them if you (doc or deed) want.

    and yes, ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ…….

    i actually did think of pushing this off for next week… but i also thought some people might want to read it right away, since it would whet people’s appetite’s for monday’s new episode. then again, CP’s already stirred up a craze; maybe it doesn’t need anymore appetite-whetting. 😉

    oh also, thanks Deedlith for marking off that spoiler for me! I appreciate it. It takes discipline for me to skip over to resist reading, but I know I’m much happier not knowing because I always regret being spoiled.

  6. canyayasis

    Wow! if i had a life before I found your website….it’s gone now! I find myself returning every chance i get to look for new posts by you. and thanks for the tip about M.K. at the N.Y.Times…. the book review section is actually my home page – and i would have ruined the book for myself! thank you again…. the translations are wonderful!

  7. asian-buzz.com

    Wow! Thank you so much for the summary! It’s so good!

  8. blah

    awwww cute! i can’t wait for you other summaries!! =D thank you!! =)

  9. secret admirer

    canyayasis, the infamous M.K.’s New York Times book review was very well done. The critic wrote a fantastic review but was careful not to reveal too much of the plot or ending. What he wrote was very complimentary and respectful to the novel/author and the fans. Like javabeans and many posters here, the choice is up to the reader who chooses to read or not read the review/spoilers. Personally, i don’t think that it was such a big deal if a lottt of money was not involved!

    Thank you javabeans. As always, your work is so appreciated by many. Your translations at the end of chapter 5 mirrored almost word-by-word with 0Coffeprince0 on her Xanga site. Thought that you may find that interesting. You guys rock!

    Can’t wait for your reviews on BC and CP series next week.

  10. 10 Bamidele

    what xanga poster???

  11. 11 Bamidele

    Wow, that was a hot and exciting kiss, the description made it feel like I could see them doing it like that in the drama. Hehe, I cannot wait for some lip action. Thanks javabeans!!

  12. 12 Turtlegirl21

    OMG!!! I wish this would happen in the drama!!!

  13. 13 NuttyNan

    Javabeans! You are hilarious and much appreciated as I anticipate reading what happens next…it’s so painful waiting!! ARGARGARG haha! And I love the song choice…i can hear it playing as the kiss is progressing! (In my mind I envision myself kissing Bi, but really, that is a whole other story) As always, thanks again for your translations and humourous comments! ^_^

  14. 14 obivia

    You are the BEST! Thanks for providing us w/ these summaries–it’s a great way to hold us over while we wait for the drama summaries.

  15. 15 javabeans

    it’s good to know kakutani’s review was well done (well, you can’t expect less from her, i suppose?) although i still won’t read it until i’m done with the book, because i hear she spoils a few things (not big things, but still). btw, have you read the satirical “i am michiko kakutani” up at mcsweeney’s? hy-ster-i-cal.

    bamidele, the xanga blogger is translating the book: http://www.xanga.com/CoffeePrince and is currently almost done with chapter 1.

  16. 16 nyc_gal5

    o.o Ah! LOL!! “He pushed his tongue into her mouth”….that was hilarious. I love you for posting this chapter. I’ve been an avid fan of the show and would have ordered the book but I only understand english. Thank you so much.

  17. 17 yakatoo

    wooooooohooooo! it IS getting hot in here! can’t wat for the next chap! thanks.

  18. 18 Deedlith

    Yeah something strange did happen. Actually I don’t know why but my pseudo had been changed ( I’ve never typed docmitasha in my whole life), and I couldn’t edit it. Same with the second post, there was no way to edit as well, nor to supress it. Don’t know from where it came from…

  19. 19 javabeans

    ok deedlith, i deleted the duplicate post. sorry bout that. and i disabled comment editiing for the moment because it seemed to be slowing down comment processing… i’ll see if it’s worth re-enabling (re-abling?).

  20. 20 Nicholas

    LOL. That was heated. xD Thanks again for the translation/summary!

  21. 21 rach

    i like your new music player colors
    they remind me of legos!
    and thanks for these summaries

  22. 22 Iranian Espresso

    thank you dear javabeans.

  23. 23 Iranian Espresso

    Dear javabeans
    I think, maybe, you should make a link with koreandrama.org or coffee-prince.com .
    (I mean, if you like it.)

  24. 24 miraigal

    Omo….Han Gyul is definitely GAY friendly.

  25. 25 yakatoo

    it IS getting hot in here! hahahaha! thanks as always javabeans. 🙂

  26. 26 Uta

    I wanna share with you a 8 mins episode 7 preview & spoiler from Soompi Forum! I really addicted to this drama!


    Spoilers for epi 7 paid preview..

    1. HK brought EC to the bookstore and bought her books… saying if she wants to become a barrister, she has to study.. EC said she is very touched.
    and at this time HS called.. HK seemed “jealous” by the way she answered the phone

    2. YJ was in the gallery speaking to this unknown man, talking about this man coming to korea….

    3. EC was scolded by HK over a problem in coffeeprince – attitude towards customer

    4. SG(The guy who makes the waffles) was at this restaurant meeting someone regarding about his ex girlfriend and he said : I just want to meet her once in a very sad tone. I think MY followed him and overheard the whole thing and he started crying (MY likes to do silly things). I think MY followed Sg because he thought SG was interested in EC’s sister.

    5. EC spent a day with HS at the studio. – they had a good time

    6. HK treated EC to a meal… the same chinese restaurant they went to in epi 2 i think.

    7. HK and EC played at the water fountain – they had a great great time

    8. Ending scene of the preview : at HK’s house. HK seemed quite sad. and he said, itz late and told EC to go home

    9. I THINK EC said : Can i give u some strength?
    and she went up to him and grabbed his head and kissed him (HK was enjoying the kiss with his eyes closed for approximately 5 seconds)
    after approximately 5 seconds.. he pushed her head away and said : what are u DOING??????

  27. 27 Iranian Espresso

    annyo! no! nah! nieth! nine! na! la!
    what if ………?
    if you be patient?!!!!!!
    what if……….?

    Please Be Patient.

  28. 28 Roudy

    Hi .. I made my choice to watch the 8 min preview but without reading the summary.. just to leave something for tomorrow…
    Hey Javabeans.. coming here everyday to read your posts as well the comments you get .. feels like being a regular customer who comes to drink coffee made by special beans.. thanx…

  29. 29 Fiona

    the last scene was sooo hottt…lol

    i get the feeling that the drama is going to be a lot more conservative than the book…
    but what does ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ mean? i know it’s “k” right? but what does it stand for?

  30. 30 its_trish

    Yikes. Things are MOVING big time.. Can’t wait!
    Thanks as always for wonderful summaries/comments/personal opinion etc.

  31. 31 javabeans

    Ha, i totally didn’t watch the preview. And i keep having to scroll really fast ^^ to avoid reading that preview description.

    Fiona, it’s like “kekeke.”

  32. 32 Iranian Espresso

    Dear Javabeans
    Onni, what about those 2 sites that i suggested them to you?
    I think they are good.

  33. 33 Anonymous

    Someone’s translating the whole novel here:


  34. 34 javabeans

    lol, #33, yes i know. i think that link’s been posted about half a dozen times here in the last few days. 🙂

  35. 35 secret admirer

    Hi javabeans,

    I don’t know if posting these links is appropriate. Please feel free to remove the post and let me know. I apologize in advance.

    This is for all the fan(atics) out there (Hmmm, i wonder who they are :))
    The links for Coffee Prince OST (credit to florence)


    Enjoy ladies! Standout (but not necessarily the best) for me is track #8 (HS’s version). “The Voice” was made for singing tunes like this (..and i don’t even know a single Korean word!).

    Can’t wait for tomorrow.

  36. 36 hua

    “…reached that point in the relationship where he feels a kiss is insufficient to express his love, and now he wants to sleep with her. HAHA. But I swear it sounds more sweet than skeezy in Korean.” LOL, it does! Also reminds me of your comment on Bad Couple (I forget which episode exactly) how “leave it to the Koreans to make even sperm look cute.” =) I also noticed that there’s a lot of bathroom references in Coffee Prince – HG going to the bathroom while EC’s brushing her teeth, HG being constipated and thought EC was a ghost. Is that normal?

  37. 37 hua

    This is not a spolier – so you can read it Javabeans! I was watching this video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5oMsrF1xkk) of a clip of when YEH visited Taiwan for DHC (she endorses it I think?) and at one point towards the end she signs her autograph on a poster of herself. It looks like she’s drawing something instead of just signing her name. I can’t even tell if those are the characters from her name – but definitely a very extravagant autograph (makes me think it takes her a long time to autograph for her fans).

  38. 38 hua

    Sorry for the repeat posts (I think you turned the edit comment option off – it’s making the site run faster) but saw this conference/interview on Star News of the CP cast on 6/27 and it’s neat to see that YEH made a difficult decision to cut her hair for the role, and how the other cast members don’t treat her like a woman on set. Apparently the woman who plays the annoying YJ just recently got married and divorced in real life. =( And is it really true that she used to be chubby – she mentioned losing some baby fat.

  39. 39 caramel#MocCa

    whoa cliffhanger!

    love all ur little insights, ur the best! haha

  40. 40 Phuong

    My Godness…
    That hot kiss gave me butterfly in my stomach…
    And your translation is great… Thumbs up

  41. 41 ANNIE797

    Thank you for your time to translate the book, I really enjoy read your website every morning at work. I cannot wait until chapter 6 in the book.

  42. 42 kathkath

    love it! the description and kiss is marvelous! thanks javabeans …

  43. 43 lolo

    you are wonderful… would you marry me? you would translate dramas and i of course would enjoy them…hehehe…great job

  44. 44 n0v13

    Whoaaaa…… thanks a bunch 🙂
    great novel. funny… interesting…
    wish i can read korean letter, i’ll buy this novel.
    reading your summary… reading other translations of this novel… makes me wanna know the next episodes, the next chapter.
    would it be translated into english???
    would it be published in Indonesia???
    i wish..

  45. 45 hale

    Oh My God!
    Look at the end, it’s soooooo freaking hot…… lol
    Thanks, you did a good job.
    Loking forward for the next chapter……..

  46. 46 tooizzy

    ARGH!! This series is the first series ever to drive me sooo crazy!! Thanks for all the work you are doing. I’m trying to learn Korean myself so that I can read the book. I’m your fan hehehe. 🙂

  47. 47 kbt101

    reading this is even more intense than watching the series… ha ha!

    tks for doing a book summary CT

  48. 48 hbrdvgsfvcads

    thank you for the bi song!!!!!!!!!!!!i looked everywhere for it!!!!!!!which album is it on?

  49. 49 javabeans

    hbrdvgsfvcads, glad you like the song. it’s from his second album.

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