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Filming begins on Rabbit and Lizard
by | February 21, 2009 | 28 Comments

Filming has commenced for Rabbit and Lizard [토끼와 리저드], as you can from these newly released stills. The film is the latest project from actors Sung Yuri (Hong Gil Dong) and Jang Hyuk (Tazza), and marks Sung’s film debut.

In Rabbit and Lizard (which is still just a working title), Sung is placed in the role of “mysterious and free-spirited” adoptee May. After growing up in the States, May comes to Korea for the first time in 23 years in search of her identity.

In the above scene, May and Jang’s character Eun-seol meet at a bus stop, where, “sitting side by side, May and Eun-seol come to feel each other’s presence.” Their acting in the scene is described as “lyrical” as these two people “sympathize and come to share their subtle feelings with each other.”

Jang plays a taxi driver suffering a rare heart condition that threatens to stop his heartbeat at any moment. He contrasts with Sung’s character with his sardonic and gruff exterior, though it hides a warmth on the inside.

From the description, it looks like this will be one of those films that is more dependent on tone and subtle acting performances than, say, plot and conflict. I’m interested in seeing if Sung Yuri can pull off a nuanced and detailed performance; that hasn’t been her strong suit, but she’s been improving over the course of her career. As for Jang Hyuk — well, I can see him in the character already. Gruff and sarcastic? He was made for that.

Rabbit and Lizard is directed by Joo Ji-hong, a director who gained notice with his debut feature film in France, the 2004 road movie Toothache [치통], and is looking at a summer release.



28 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. lisa

    …But of course she speaks perfect Korean, right? lol

  2. fizzle

    Jang Hyuk seems to be getting typecast for these kinds of roles. When is he gonna try something new?

  3. Jill4675

    I have high hopes for this, so I hope the writing and direction are good. I have no worries about Jang Hyuk’s performance (he’ll be great as usual), and I think Sung Yuri will do well, too. One thing I don’t like is the “rare heart condition.” I think there should be a moratorium on such plotlines for awhile… 😆

  4. chocomilk

    sung yuri looks really pretty and sophisticated. she reminds me of go hyun jung in these shots.

  5. deeta

    I think HJ’s been typecasted. Ever since he got out of military, he’s been doing similar type of roles. It was more interesting when he was playing the bumbling middle school teacher in Windstruck or the greasy fool in Please Teach Me English. When he came out in Thank You, I thought, oh, this is great, but after he did pretty much similar roles after, it wasn’t very exciting anymore. I hope to see more variety after this movie.

  6. Amy

    “After growing up in the States…”

    Of course it’s the States ._. Hope they don’t make out Sung Yuri bust out any sort of Engrish skillz.

  7. jackieee

    From Snow Queen until now, I think Sung Yuri has improved a lot in her acting.. hopefully she can really bump her acting to the next level this one!!

  8. marielee

    I look forward to seeing JH in his new film. From the still cut, I can see the subtlety in his eyes already. I kinda agree on the expression ‘he was made for that’ as he bulilt up that sort of image from his role in Thank You. But I don’t agree that he has taken the similar roles after the military service. The roles in Thank You, Robbers, and Tazza are so different that even his fans are divided in reception of his roles. Just my 2 cent thought.

  9. lucky_kiss

    thf irst picture for SYR looks like Gong Hyo Jin specially from her new movie Crush & Blush, it seems the pictures for SYR & JH doesn’t need any clarification to say that it’s a sad movie indeed, I loved JH in Tazza & his great acting also SYR finally shows her talent in HGD but we will wait to see them both in the movie, I hope JH will not pick this kind of sad movies or even dramas in the future cuz I cried enough while watching Windstruck also for SYR as well when she died in SQ with Hyun Bin..

  10. 10 belleza

    “she reminds me of go hyun jung in these shots.”

    I thought so too, esp. in the first picture.

    “But I don’t agree that he has taken the similar roles after the military service. The roles in Thank You, Robbers, and Tazza are so different that even his fans are divided in reception of his roles.”

    I think it’s that Jang Hyuk hasn’t done comedy since coming back. This looks like a top human drama/melodrama though. This is also a good role for Sung Yuri to show if she has developed enough presence for film.

  11. 11 dramabeansfan

    taxi driver with heart condition? doesnt sound realistic…
    if your heart could stop any minute there’s no way you would be able to drive a taxi and put other lives at risk…

  12. 12 hmmmm

    I didn’t think Sung Yuri would ever be good enough to be in a movie…maybe they chose her because she actually did grow up in the states ’til her Finkl debut…?? So she might be speaking her long forgotten english in this movie…hmmm that would be interesting to watch.

  13. 13 Anonymous

    Doesn’t Korean taxi driver have medical check up yrly to certify them fit for driiving? In my country, we do, for passenger & driver safety. lol

  14. 14 o-cha

    thanks for the pics!
    I know Jang Hyuk will be able to pull off this role with ease. I’d be curious to see Sung Yuri here.

    I think Jang Hyuk is trying to break the typecast. His role in Tazza is actually a very different role from Thank You and Robbers.

  15. 15 majata

    I really want Sung Yuri to act well in this movie to prove to her detractors that she is a worthy actress.

  16. 16 ed

    they share a bench; she’s in a cozy big scarf…kinda reminds me of One Fine Spring Day with Yu jitae and Lee youngae.
    i miss that outrageously fun and sexy Elvis from English hagwon too 😀

  17. 17 Vivianaaaa

    i like sung yuri, i hope she proves to everyone that she can act =]

  18. 18 cbcnamja

    I can’t wait for her movie to come out. She’s so pretty, even with minimal makeup.

  19. 19 bjharm

    one question how the heck did someone that could fall over with a stopped heart at any time get a job or for that matter take a job as a taxi driver? is he trying to take someone with him when he dies or
    sorry had to say that, I know it only for pathos his illness but couldn’t they have found some kind a job for him that at lest only risks his own life not some poor person who may be in the taxi with him.

    Be nice to see Sung Yuri again, such a delight in Hong Gil Dong [really really hated that ending]
    And Jang Hyuk is of the age where he likely to want to try out different roles than what he done in the past…ie act rather than just doing it for the $
    Will always remember him and his sneer fondly from Successful Story of a bright Girl

  20. 20 joei

    I find Sung Yuri acting awesome, therefore I hope that her upcoming drama and movie will help her to boost her acting talent.

    Yuri Hwaiting.

  21. 21 angelsnow2u

    Sung yuri look old but she so seductive & pretty in my heart.
    Jang hyuk so handsome than in tazza.
    the movie is interesting for fan true.
    Sung yuri is having many improve her profession for the first movie.
    & hi hmmmm ! you don’t say that about Sung Yuri. I don’t like Sung Yuri by member Fin.k.l I love Sung Yuri when saw she casting Kim Bo Ra in snow queen with Hyun Bin. She is a good actress & my favorite . You can don’t like her but you don’t say about yuri’professional & her english.
    you can wating the movie on air & You will change think.
    I am a fan of Sung Yuri(**)

  22. 22 CyNurse

    I have faith in Jang Hyuk. He looks credible as a taxi driver and I have never doubted his acting skills.

    As for Sung Yuri, well, I can’t say much. Except that seeing her in these pics reminds me of Chae Rim in Dalja’s Spring without the hideous make-up. Maybe its the frizzy hairstyle. perhaps?

  23. 23 jamie

    I know i shouldn’t nitpick… but how can Sung Yuri pass credibly for a adoptee from the States and who will go to Korea for the first time in 23 years if her english is terrible??? And i don’t think she should be able to speak perfect Korean unless the family who adopted her in the States is also korean…

  24. 24 Philippa

    I know I think they should make her like she can’t speak Korean properly or something. That’s why Daniel Henney’s or O?? dunno…
    well ya, his movie is more believable because he can’t speak Korean properly.
    Well some kids who grew up in north america can speak their own language fluently but at the same time they sound weird…
    I can’t wait for her new movie!

  25. 25 M

    can’t wait for this,,, Jang Hyuk, in my opinion probably one of the best male actors. But its my biased opinion haha XD!!

  26. 26 maricel

    im sure JH will be on his best as always, can’t wait…. waiting for ogamdo as well..

  27. 27 Cupcakes.

    Hmmm..from what I see, SYRs acting has improved but I hope she can pull this one off =/ I heard her speak english in First Love of a Royal Prince and her english was kind of… to say the least engorean. I have high hopes for her though 🙂 because of her performance in Hong Gil Dong..I haven’t watched Swallow the Sun but anyway, GOOD LUCK SUNG YURI!! hope the filming goes well! Looking forward to it…

  28. 28 LP

    Sung Yuri is beautiful and sophisticated in this movie. You can visit to get this movie with English sub.

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