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Julien Kang added to Road No. 1
by | January 19, 2010 | 21 Comments

Can’t say this has me too excited: Canadian model-actor Julien Kang has been added to the Korean War epic drama Road No. 1, which stars So Ji-sub, Yoon Kye-sang, and Kim Haneul. According to Kang’s management, he will be playing a U.S. Marine platoon leader.

I wasn’t really impressed with Julien Kang in Dream, where he played one of the Flower Fighters (a team of mixed martial artists made up of pretty boys), but he’s apparently doing better playing a warm character in the family sitcom High Kick Through the Roof. While he films that currently running series, he has been working out and training in martial arts in preparation for Road No. 1, which he will soon begin filming.

Road No. 1 will air on MBC in June.

Via E Daily


21 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. myron

    MINE! WOW..cant believe i’m first!
    actually i dont know him..but he looks yummy…and we came from the same country:)… thanks JB

  2. Anne

    He is quite the attractive one

  3. Sonam

    I haven’t been impressed with any of the half Korean actors. They are good looking in bland boring way and their acting is no better.

  4. d33

    hmmmmmm….not jumping up and down yet….will wait and see….

  5. su-pah

    I 2nd Sonam, totally!
    Dennis Oh’s and Daniel Henney’s acting in the past has made me wanna headdesk. Nice to look at but sadly nothing beyond that.

    — and I’m sorry, whaaat? Did someone just mention So Jisub?
    *fans herself*

  6. mimi

    I’ve never heard of him before. Does he speak any Korean?

  7. peaches

    meh, too pretty. haven’t seen him act so doesn’t strike me at all. i don’t think dennis oh and daniel henney can really act, so it’s rather frustrating when i see pretty faces taking on a role that could be given to an average-looking but TALENTED actor.

  8. d33

    I think Daniel Henney has improved a lot over the years. Dennis Oh still needs a lot of work… I mean A LOT!!! … They’re hot though. This guy speaks Korean though but besides seeing him in variety shows, I haven’t really seen him in other things.

  9. sophia

    ummm, ok, so this guy is SOOO HOTTTTTTTTTT but he can’t act -_-” he is better than he was in dream, but he’s still awkward with his part in High Kick. i don’t know if it’s the writers who made to extreme a character, or if julian Kang’s overracting, but something’s not right lol hopefully, he’ll be better in this upcoming drama, especially with co-actors like that.

  10. 10 Leeloo

    I will take Go Soo over this guy any day

  11. 11 nai

    Highly excited for this title. I’m glad MBC is keeping up quality dark series!

  12. 12 les

    is it creepy that i want a half mexican/korean baby?

  13. 13 ...[email protected]

    i don’t know about this guy i watch him on dream when he speak korean is just weird is not natural at all not like kyle in assorted gem his korean is awesome.

  14. 14 anne

    agree with leeloo on that
    not excited

  15. 15 Molly


    I’ll take Go Soo over anybody! 😉

  16. 16 deeta

    Well, he IS better in Highkick, but in no way he’s good. I’m uneasy about this news.

  17. 17 Carinne

    Hmmph, a pretty face is merely a face until character brings action and charisma in motion, so by his good looks alone, I feel this guy has a loooooooong way to go to make a solid name of himself in the actor’s guild.

    I really think this picture of Julien Kang is not one of his best works. No striking charisma… that shouts out million dollar man… merely thousand dollar man if he gets lucky. keke

  18. 18 Soobi

    Didn’t even remember he was in Dream…
    But good for him! I hope he keeps on improving. ( :

  19. 19 Angie

    Yes!!! I love how he has that soft look but unleashes his strong side with his martial arts. I’ve been very impressed with him as he improves EVERYTIME ~^^.

    PS. I read he DIDN’T speak a word of korean when he arrived 2 years ago.

  20. 20 Rebeca

    :-D!!!I think hes the only one out of the half korean actors who makes an effort to learn the language. I think his korean accent is just right forigner. Foreigners who speak too perfectly(like kyle) look weird/gross.

    Hot pics of him : http://www.hancinema.net/voir_une_photo.php?table=individus&id_objet=3863&id=92029&copyright=

    fan site: http://www.cyworld.com/julienkang


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