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New trendy drama Kiss and the City
by | August 29, 2010 | 20 Comments

Seriously? You couldn’t even TRY for some originality in the title? Sigh.

Online broadcaster SBS E!TV announced a new trendy drama in the works, called Kiss and the City. The drama will feature four best friends, radio DJ Park So-hyeon, cosmetic company CEO Shim Eun-jin, plastic surgeon Yoon Ji-min, and import car dealer Shin Joo-ah. (The actors all use their real names here, like a lot of Korean sitcoms do to build star name-recognition.)

The show will skew adult (so think cable, not network), and focus on the fresh, lively tales of these four women. It’s also doing something interesting with format, and taking a reality-show or mockumentary approach. The show will feature interviews with the characters throughout the show. Think: Sex and the City meets The Office. Weird. And interesting.

Kim Jin has been cast as a writer for Park So-hyeon’s radio show, and Park Ji-hwan as Shim Eun-jin’s “pocket man,” the meaning of which is a little hazy for me. In her pocket, like a kept boy? Or sinks-it-in-the-pocket trusty right-hand guy in the company? I dunno. Any which way, he’s reportedly a dead ringer for Micky Yoochun and her love interest.

Kiss and the City will air on SBS E!TV (www.sbs.co.kr) in September.


20 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Yume~

    huh? a dead ringer for micky yoochun? someone explain taht…? o-0

    • 1.1 Kender

      It means he looks exactly like Yoochun, or close enough that a lot of people would mistake them for each other. 🙂

  2. djinni

    the chick on the far right seems to only have one facial expression it seems. the others are showing versatility.

  3. Kender

    I could have sworn the second girl on the left was Lee Ji-ah when I first saw the top picture, and I instantly cringed. ><

    This doesn't sound that exciting to me, but I also never liked Sex and the City or The Office. *shrug*

  4. Jane

    Sex and City actually started off with a similar style – like they were talking to the camera and stuff.

  5. Alexis

    Wow. O_o I still haven’t watch the U.S. movie (my own country) “Sex and the City”, but I don’t understand why, hahaha! (shook my head)

  6. Cam

    Oooo…….Um, I still didn’t watch this U.S. movie “Sex and the City” but I am surprised that some people really love watching this, oh aigoo. =)

    Now……..It’s YOUR turn, South Korea! ^_____^ (claps)

  7. jose

    ohh i want an answer for this question ,the title of many dramas are in english ,but those titles are only for outside of korea and in korea these dramas are also know with these titles ? or in korea they have a korean title ? i think dramas can have more variety if they try also korean titles

  8. Anonymous

    Why? I just don’t get it.

  9. sandy

    I think the first pic says it all

  10. 10 mems

    Why do they look so….pale? Like, ghostly pale.

    • 10.1 anon

      yeah like anaemic pale
      like somebody needs to be eating their iron tablets and gettin some vitamin D pale
      with the pale is beautiful culture i wonder how black people are considered beautiful in korea?
      maybe they have different standards?

  11. 11 Leona

    errrmm I see now The woman who still wants to marry… they had the ratings …. under …under…any expectations… 3 girls trying to “mate”(ohh darling gumiho) …. and to get married… they are sweet but lack of chemistry …(and this time chemistry created by director and script) and the Sex & city quotes… they didn’t worked at all… and neither the prejudice …. 10 years younger guy didn’t helped…. so let’s see how will they manage to find the balance between US and Korean culture… but I doubt it… because I find The woman who still wants to marry pretty entertaining… it doesn’t keep me on the tips of my toes as it could do (gosh the 10 years younger guy I would exploited it to the max- I’m a sucker for the donseng/noona relationships -if a drama has it..I’ll watch it)

  12. 12 marmar

    basically a korean version of sex and the city?
    srsly very original with the title

  13. 13 MsRetta

    @mems and anon…Thanks so much, I thought it was just me!
    it’s like the only color is the hair and the clothing. come on!

    anyway, interested only to see Korean spin. Wasnt that big of a fan of sex and the city…..

  14. 14 Serena

    Never was a fan of Sex & the City. I’ll give this a miss for sure.

    Good luck to all on this upcoming drama.

  15. 15 Purpleclouds

    I probably saw Sex in The City less than 10 minutes total and got grossed out by Sarah J. Parker who resembles a witch, (love her perfume though), and the insensitive promiscuity of the women in the show. It cheapens love, loyalty, dedication, and morals. Since Kdrama have a higher moral standard in these regards, i’m hoping this drama will suit even people under 21. What I like is just good romance/humor dramas that entertain.

    • 15.1 Kobe

      Good to know it isn’t just me who thinks she looks like a witch.

  16. 16 moochi2000

    lol ur first comment made me laugh
    they really didn’t try to be original.

  17. 17 sunday123

    HAHAAHHAHAH “Kiss and the City”. that’s actually hysterical!

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