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Childless Good Fortune becomes highest rated cable drama
by | December 25, 2012 | 47 Comments

The game, she is a-changin’. Another cable drama has claimed the top ratings title, snatching the distinction away from Answer Me 1997 mere months after that drama hit it big with a finale of 6.03%. Now it’s the Kim Soo-hyun-written weekend family drama on JTBC, Childless Good Fortune (or Childless Comfort), which has edged out Answer Me in its most recent broadcast on December 23, with ratings of 6.3%. (Note: Other reports gave Answer Me’s top rating as 6.22%, but even in that case it still slides to second place.)

Not only is the ratings game shifting so that cable channels are hitting bigger and bigger numbers (with tvN and JTBC doing remarkably well, though there have been hits on other stations as well, such as OCN), the records are being broken increasingly faster. That indicates a rapidly shifting landscape, and I wonder how much longer the Big Three stations can cling to the safety net of being, well, the Big Three. With big-budget, highly hyped dramas on their schedules bringing in 3%, 4%, and 5% ratings, they’ve got to be sweating to be surpassed by shows on stations with a fraction of the audience. The first time, you could write it off as a fluke. Not so anymore.

Childless Good Fortune stars a number of solid television stars, many of them part of writer Kim Soo-hyun’s “family,” as they’re known. Recent episodes have featured the ups and downs befalling single mother Eom Ji-won, as well as the drunken night spent together by her character’s little bro Ha Suk-jin with Oh Yoon-ah.

Just over halfway through its 30-episode run, Childless Good Fortune has plenty of time to set records even higher—I wonder just high it’ll be able to go. Will it be the first cable show to hit double digits? Or will we have to wait for another show to bring that distinction… say, when the next big cable hit comes along in another month or two? The show airs on Saturdays and Sundays on JTBC.

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47 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. rynea

    Looks like cable drama is slowly dominating Korean television. They’re not the underdogs anymore.

    Kim Soo Hyun is everywhere, I hear her name frequently in the King of Dramas lately. Better search for her other dramas too.

  2. OMG

    YAYE for cable tv…..especially TVN….they have been stepping up their game….hopefully this means the big three can start paying attention to the tv shows they choose to air….

    • 2.1 jane

      I agree. The big three are being lazy because they think they own their audience, they’ve delivered a few good dramas with awesome ratings but keep taking people for granted with awful dramas, so bad that it’s sometimes insulting. The dramas today lack so much creativity.

  3. houstontwin

    I would love to see this drama. I really like Ha Suk Jin…he is able to balance nicely between comedy and more serious fare.

    • 3.1 jomo

      and shexy!

      I guess I could try to watch this raw for him…but it does get really boring trying to guess what’s going on…

  4. Mystisith

    Cable: Tip of the iceberg. Some Big boats in the area should be careful. 🙂
    Obviously, the taste of the Korean audience for dramas is changing, for the worst or the better.
    I don’t worship ratings at all, but I have to say: Now I’m curious about this show. Going to google this a little bit.

  5. Msb

    Might have to look for this too.

  6. ladeedah

    the 3 brothers in the family are my favorite (OH! plus the youngest son who likes to think that his noona’s baby is really his… hahah) their dynamic is HILARIOUS.

    since my parents are die-hard fans of Kim Soo Hyun they force me to watch any drama of hers with them (minus the alzheimer’s one LOL) and i always enjoy them as well. the one with the Mom Got Angry is probably my favorite so far. with Childless Good Fortune a close 2nd. 🙂

    • 6.1 InSu

      @ladeedah: Thanks for your review of KSH’s dramas! I’ll definitlly watch them.

  7. Ivoire

    Thank you!

  8. MsScorpion

    I guess double digits needs longer running dramas such as CGF, but I’m hoping Flower boy Next Door will be the one to actually do it (TvN earned that at least with all the great offers since last year)

    Although I do wish the best of luck for all cable networks to gain more recognition and ratings success.
    And now I’m definitely going to give Childless Good Fortune a chance.

  9. Christy

    Highest rated vable drama, but I can’t find subs. What a shame.

    • 9.1 Christy


    • 9.2 girlatsea

      I know, I wish Dramafever would sub it (not that we have any other choices besides Dramafever). They’re subbing Can We Get Married? And it’s a JBTC drama too

  10. 10 tadaaflo

    that’s a real kiss! hihihi

  11. 11 Annie

    I could do without the Ha Suk Jin/Oh Yoon Ah storyline (it always felt a bit out of place to me) but Uhm Ji Won is killing it in this drama. Viva jBTC! May they continue to make amazing, thought-provoking dramas.

  12. 12 Xianguo

    Peeps interested in Kim Soon Hyun’s work should check out Life is Beautiful.

  13. 13 Daisy


  14. 14 racheose

    i wonder if i could find subs for this… now i really want to watch it… *puts it in my long list of must watch*

  15. 15 bishbash

    Absolutely love this family drama. Joon Gi (the maknae of the 3rd generation) makes me go “awwwww” every time he tries to play his part in the family. He is such a sweet guy.

    The latest episode had me LOL-ing real hard at the one night stand. The conversation was really comical.

  16. 16 magnus

    Maybe this will make the big three start to pay close attention to what they choose to pick. This could be good and bad, since what the cable networks usually air that is successful is quality stuff and you can see the care that goes into it; but the big three could just wind up pandering more to fans and put out crap. Just have to wait and see.

  17. 17 Celiena

    Is there a site to watch this drama with English subs? Please let me know!

    • 17.1 Beekinga

      As far as I know Darksmurf are doing it but in hidden mode. Sadly there aren’t many subbers interested in doing the first draft, and only Chinese/Korean fluent people are allowed to do so, I think they haven’t even done half of one ep

  18. 18 goldeng

    its good to know!!! I blindly trust in cable dramas’ quality… no lie… my favorite dramas this year -and last year- came from cable dramas… those been Vampire prosecutor 2, answer me 1997, queen inhyun’s man, Special affair team TEN and Padam, Padam… I guess Korean viewers noticed it too….!
    I wanna watch this one but I cant find it… hope i find it with subs soon!

  19. 19 addylovesbwood

    I feel inclined to at least try to watch this. Im tired of the Big 3 dramas, it seems cable dramas hv less restriction therefore can prouduce better stories. After watching dramas like reply 1997, Queen In Hyuns man, SHFBB, and Can We Get Married I feel cheated. Especially hving to wait til abt ep 7/8 for a kiss scene.

  20. 20 exquisitemelody

    I feel like cable dramas take more daring approaches, which is a nice breath of fresh air (especially when it comes to kisses…they’re much steamier on cable dramas! yes, I’m looking at you QIHM). Ever since I started watching dramas, it’s become harder and harder to find ones I like, especially now that I don’t have all the time in the world to watch them – if I’m going to actually watch it, it better be worth my time or I’ll just read DB recaps 😛

  21. 21 ck1Oz

    Some of my favourite and most memorable dramas or moments have come from cable show.
    ALL of the most realistic kissing scenes are from cable

  22. 22 Keshia

    Cable dramas have become my go-to dramas as well. I haven’t been able to watch Childless Good Fortune but I do watch “Can We Marry” from that network and it’s the first time that I’ve been able to relate to & follow a family drama in full. The reasons why the couples break up are just completely REAL so all of the journeys just make so much sense to me. When it comes to the adult content it doesn’t have to be full out like American ones for me to enjoy them but characters doing sexy open mouth kisses please and thank you.

    I’ve been with tvN since Manny and I just believe in that station so much. OCN I’ve loved since I saw Hero but I’ve seen all of the original programming on that channel and it’s just ridiculous how they do so much better than movies I’ve seen or even the American TV shows they also broadcast on that channel. TEN was so on point!!! I can’t wait until the second season.

  23. 23 Carinne

    I have a lot of catching up to do.

  24. 24 DC

    Ooo! Nice! I love Ha Suk Jin. Great to see him on a successful drama.

  25. 25 lizzie

    Javabeans, if I’m not bothering could you tell me what is the % for the cable drama Can we get married? It has good ratings? I’m sorry for asking it but cable dramas ratings is really hard to find…

    Can someone tell me how you write ”ratings” in korean? Because if I hahve at least this korean word plus the korean drama name I can try to find anything even though I don’t understand korean lol

  26. 26 Rach^^

    I’m sad that no one’s subbing this drama in english.

  27. 27 hellochloe

    JTBC! Can We Get Married is one of my fav picks for this year. Cable mansei!! \O/

  28. 28 Aya

    duh, it’s written by flawless Kim Soo-Hyun

  29. 29 Taber

    OMG, YES! Cable network allow the adults to be adults! I love watching cable drama, I currently watching “Can we get married, with all the typical korean cultures nonsense I can’t wrap my head around is mix with so many other things I can relate too that makes is so enjoyable. I hope that the cable network keep putting out drama that push the envelope into the twenty century!

  30. 30 germaine

    so sad… no subs!!!

  31. 31 germaine

    dear subbers,
    Can you sub this drama please???? I want to watch it and I’m sure a lot of kdrama fans are also dying to see this with english subs. It makes me wish I know the Korean language.

  32. 32 moo

    it didn’t win with Reply 1997 it got 6,3 in Seoul but nationwide it got only 5,23 so Reply 1997 is still no. 1 cable drama. Speaking about numbers TNmS gave Reply 7,55 for it’s finale xD

    But I’m happy that cable dramas are getting attention because many of them are better than BIG 3’s dramas. This year was full of bad choices for SBS, MBC and KBS only some of them were good. They should pick up better dramas because their viewers now have a choice to watch dramas on other channels.

    • 32.1 meiji_era

      Yes, Reply 1997’s rating was 7.5%. That’s because the finale was simultaneously aired over tvN, Mnet, OCN, O’live, Ongamenet and OnStyle. That was just the aggregated figure for all the channel which aired its finale. But technically, its rating on tvN was between 6.0-6.25% in Seoul.

      • 32.1.1 jdji

        yup , Mnet is cheated Reply 1997 high rating they used their other channels too, while JTBC only air on one channel

  33. 33 am

    I just realized, there are a ton of dramas that have aired or are still airing that Dramabeans is not recapping. What am I doing?

    I’ve read from OT’s about a drama called Can We Get Married and was looking for recaps on here and I couldn’t find any. I fail.

    I’m really considering watching this because I’ve read from people on Tumblr that it’s actually worth it.

    • 33.1 addylovesbwood

      I’m following

      Can We Get Married
      School 2013
      King of Dramas
      I Miss You
      Great Seer
      May Queen (just ended)
      My Daughter Seo Yeong

    • 33.2 Mystisith

      CWGM? is really awesome and one of a kind. It will end next week and I feel empty already. I’m sure you’ll like it.

  34. 34 AnneOfGreenGable

    anyone please tell me what website i can watch this drama?

  35. 35 I_Love_you1988

    JTBC is relevantly new to the industry, yet they still can produce wonderful dramas. Shame TV Chosun, Channel A and MBN can’t do it.

  36. 36 Alvinva

    The shifting landscape is the trend everywhere tbh. With movies bringing in less profits, and TV offering a comfortable schedule with dependable pay, more and more big name actors are getting attracted to the format…

    And, with cable being far more flexible and “edgy” than mainstream channels, it’s only normal that the big named actors/writers/etc would choose to go there. And with them, the audience eventually follows.

    Mainstream ~tells~ us that we should like something. Cable makes it ~cool~ or ~different~ to like it. 🙂

  37. 37 meiji_era

    Last night, Childless Comfort rated 6.674% Nationwide according to AGB Nielsen.

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