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Full Sun: Episode 11
by | March 25, 2014 | 21 Comments

It’s sad how easily a tiny seed of revenge can lay ruin to all kinds of relationships, including new and old. This one last job is turning into a dangerous game as more people learn of the truth surrounding Se-ro’s identity. There’s more at stake than just a pile of money, though for some that’s all they’re eyeing.

Se-ro learns that a tower built upon of a foundation of lies simply cannot withstand the consequences of when the truth rears its ugly head. Sometimes those earnest words can fall flat, like the ratings for this show did with a 3.0%.


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After a lengthy retread of Se-ro gate-crashing the not-so-secret meeting between Daddy Han and President Shin, the latter seethes in his car. Se-ro isn’t far behind, however, and Kang-jae is dropped off to confront his dongsaeng.

Though Se-ro is beyond upset, he still urges Kang-jae to change his mind—working for their enemy is a line they cannot cross. But Kang-jae remains steadfast in his decision: “Don’t you know I already crossed that line?!”

Se-ro counters that that would make them enemies, and then Kang-jae declares that he deleted Woo-jin’s email—the swindlers’ key bargaining chip. Se-ro answers that disclosure with his right hook and officially declares war against Kang-jae, warning him that there will come a day when Kang-jae will come back with his head bowed in shameful defeat.

Still struck with disbelief, Se-ro turns back to bite out how much of an ass Kang-jae is to even think of joining hands with their enemy. Kang-jae does his best to keep up his poker face, and it’s only when Se-ro leaves does he blink back tears.

Outside the Han residence, Young-won vows to her father that she won’t return to this house, adding that she won’t ever stop fighting against him to protect Belle la Fair. She’s got nothing to lose and her father’s words don’t affect her anymore.

Daddy Han accepts her choice, and resignedly tells her not to be deceived again. Having overheard their conversation from around the corner, Se-ro follows Young-won at a distance.

So when he calls, his concern shakes Young-won’s resolve, and she wonders how much more misery he’ll put her through. His answer brings tears to her eyes: “I regret deceiving you.”

Someone like him isn’t worth her tears, Se-ro tells her, and he’s going to do everything he can to set things right. He assures her that he doesn’t have the slightest interest to take anything away from her and now he wouldn’t accept it even if she offered. If everything he told her before was a lie, this much is true, Se-ro insists.

It doesn’t matter what she thinks—he’s bargaining with his own life. With that, Se-ro hangs up, and though Young-won pretended as if she didn’t care on the phone, she whimpers into the dead line, “Hello? Eun-soo?”

After Se-ro suits up for battle, his first order of business is to appeal to Daddy Han, who’s none too pleased to see him. Daddy Han initially doesn’t seem convinced with Se-ro’s argument to divulge more info on FL Gemstones, but Se-ro doesn’t give him much of a choice either.

Kang-jae isn’t pleased to hear about it through Daddy Han; he’s irate when Se-ro calls a minute later and further annoyed by Se-ro’s nonchalant attitude about the meeting. Nothing good will come out of it for Kang-jae if he shows up, Se-ro warns him, then adds, “I don’t want to betray you.”

President Shin is practically giddy as he hands over his presents to Kang-jae: money… and a gun. He laughs that firearms gives one an extra layer of protection, but the weapon only puts Kang-jae on edge.

It seems President Shin also harbors a grudge towards Se-ro as well, the failed money laundering deal still fresh on his mind—perhaps they should “take care of him.” As in, off him? Damn.

Speaking of, Se-ro is given a video camera pen from Hama, whose supposedly throwaway line about how the world is getting scarier, but they’re getting weaker makes me nervous. There’s something else Hama prepared, but we don’t get to see it. Eek, don’t tell me you prepared a gun, too!

Their last bloody meeting is still fresh on Daddy Han’s mind, and Se-ro asks the chairman not to sell Belle la Fair. Not that Young-won nor her brother has the power to overturn that decision if Daddy Han goes ahead and sells off the company. It doesn’t matter if they’re dealing with swindlers either, because Daddy Han is still the major stockholder; thus he gets to make the calls. But Young-won is determined to change her father’s mind no matter what.

Se-ro calmly explains to Daddy Han what might happen if he goes through with FL Gemstones’ proposal: he’ll make a sizeable stock profit, but will he be able to yield to the sham company?

Right then, Kang-jae joins them, but Se-ro’s words have piqued the chairman’s interest. That prompts Daddy Han to ask why Se-ro is telling him all of this. Is he after Young-won’s wealth? No, Se-ro answers—it’s concern because the chairman is Young-won’s father.

Se-ro asks if the chairman isn’t curious as to who was behind exposing his money laundering activities to the media. A side-eye towards Kang-jae is enough for Daddy Han to suspect him, putting Kang-jae in the hotseat.

But that’s when Kang-jae spots the camera pen and shows it to Daddy Han. Ruh roh. That points the suspicion back to Se-ro… who keeps recording their conversation with another hidden camera. Aha, that’s smart.

Se-ro keeps playing the victimized lamb act at the suggestion that he be forcibly relocated overseas. He agrees to leave the country, though he’d like to ask Daddy Han one more thing: Does the chairman still plan to use Belle la Fair in his own scheme?

Se-ro presses that he’d like to know how far the chairman will take his original scam and how guilty he should feel towards Young-won. Se-ro continues to demand an answer as he’s being dragged away until he gets the verbal confirmation he was looking for… all recorded on his watch. Muhahaha, I love it when the baddies are outsmarted in the little things.

Young-won arrives at the parking garage to see Kang-jae and Se-ro two seconds before fists go flying. She points out that Se-ro is meeting up with her father an awful lot lately, and flares up at Kang-jae’s warning that she should stay away from the likes of Se-ro.

She launches into a moral lecture at them both, first saying that people like Kang-jae and Se-ro should show a tiny bit of remorse for their actions, then turns to say that they shouldn’t keep lying to the people they’ve hurt.

They shouldn’t attempt to regain others’ trusts or set up lofty expectations, Young-won yells, and then adds, “If you were just going to disappoint them anyway.”

She refuses to follow Se-ro, but he insists that there’s someplace he wants her to see. That place is Scammers HQ, where Se-ro comes clean about how their con team strategizes and lives here.

Hama nearly lets slip of Se-ro’s real identity, but both men are eager to be assigned to a task so that they don’t have to left behind giving awkward apologies. Once they’re outside, Hong murmurs that he wants to help Se-ro even if he’s thrown caution to the wind now.

Hong admits that Se-ro is the kindest guy around, apart from Hama, that is. D’aww, I really love their bickering adoring relationship.

Daddy Han tries to dig for more dirt on Se-ro through Kang-jae (who doesn’t dish either) and tells him “to take care” of Se-ro, and THEN they’ll talk about whether he’ll sell Belle la Fair.

The reason Se-ro brought Young-won to HQ is his desire to be transparent about his past actions towards her. However, this all pales in comparison to the truth she’ll have to face in the future.

She asks if he’s worried for her right now, and if he thinks he’s doing all of this for her sake. Learning this makes him a bit more humane in her eyes, but it hasn’t been that long since she’s found out his true identity (well, sort of). Does he expect her to accept everything he’s showing and telling her now as reality?

It isn’t that easy for her because she took the times they spent together as a reality. But if that wasn’t true, then what was it until now? A dream? A misunderstanding? “Was it nothing at all?!” she shrills. Trying his best to keep his composure, Se-ro grabs her and says that while he used to think up ideas of how to use her. But the reason he brought her here now is to show her that he’s going to use this space to think of how to protect her from now on.

Young-won refuses his help, but Se-ro tells her that she’s better off trusting him than the swimming sea of sharks around her. She says she can handle it by herself and turns away, but Se-ro grabs her wrist and places her hand to his chest. Uh, anybody else getting Lovers in Paris flashbacks?

“This can’t be fake,” he says, his voice shaking. Tears stream down his face as he asks, “Was I… such a bad person to you?”

Overwhelmed, Young-won asks him to stop here—she’ll believe that he was lying to her. But Se-ro says that his feelings were real to him, that he hoped that the times they spent together were a dream, “but they were real and a reality.”

“I… can’t trust you.” Young-won replies, tears falling from her eyes.

Our comedic duo tries their best to prevent Jae-in from entering HQ, but her amused expression falls when she sees Young-won and Se-ro exiting the building. He and Jae-in relocate to a cafe to chat, and Jae-in says she feels the Jung Se-ro she once knew has all but disappeared.

She’s shocked to learn that Kang-jae erased all of Woo-jin’s emails, thus leaving Se-ro without any cards to use against Daddy Han. His days of conning are over and he’s going to settle his affairs, but Jae-in cuts him off to counter that it’s just the beginning.

Both Se-ro and Young-won spend their evening brooding separately. Manager Min swings by to drop off news headlines about FL Gemstones per her request, including one where Kang-jae declares that the public should invest in pink diamonds.

Jae-in wasn’t kidding when she said that she’d take matters into her own hands, and waltzes into Belle la Fair the next day. She beelines for Young-joon’s office, making it perfectly plain that she’s here to talk to him.

And Jae-in has come armed with a powerful card: “Gong Woo-jin… your father killed him.” Whoa, whoa I know that we knew that already, but way to suddenly drop the bomb.

Young-joon tenses, so Jae-in launches into the truth about how an innocent man named Jung Se-ro was framed for his murder and thrown in jail without a proper trial. Young-joon says he won’t fall for another trick, but Jae-in tells him to think about it—why else would a bunch of scammers specifically target Belle la Fair?

It’s all because Jung Se-ro is her friend, Jae-in clarifies and then leans in to whisper, “Lee Eun-soo is Jung Se-ro.”

At the same time, Young-won is informed of Jae-in’s sudden appearance and sets off to confront her. It’s a good(?) thing then that Young-won bursts into the office mere seconds after Jae-in reveals this truth, and Young-joon barks at Jae-in to get out, visibly shaken.

Young-won demands to know too, but Jae-in sighs that it’s much too bothersome to repeat. Young-joon chases after her to ask why she told him, and Jae-in sighs that she’ll leave the truth-telling to little bro.

Se-ro has enough evidence to temporarily stop Daddy Han, but the problem is that Kang-jae’s also been captured onscreen. Se-ro murmurs, “I’ll tell him to leave the country then.” Aw, you still do care.

Unbeknownst to him though, Se-ro picks up a tail on his way home. As for Young-joon, he enters his father’s study to confront him himself, but then he freezes in his father’s presence, reminded of Jae-in’s claims that his father is a murderer.

So when Daddy Han rambles on about how he was nearly fooled today and that his children don’t care what happens to their father, Young-joon turns that question back at him: “What do your children and your family mean to you?”

The things that woman said today must have been true, Young-won muses. He used to be envious of noona, but it turns out she was neglected too. He warns his father not to sell Belle la Fair to those scammers: “You can’t do that to Noona!”

Having overheard the tail-end of the conversation, Madam Baek assures her son that she’ll protect Belle la Fair for their interests. Young-joon is unconvinced that his mother can stand up to Daddy Han, but she says that his father can’t beat her with what she knows.

Madam Baek holds onto her son’s arms, but Young-joon gently pulls himself out of her grip. Tears well up in his eyes as he realizes, “You knew everything? About Gong Woo-jin… so it really was Father.”

Se-ro’s tail follows him to his meeting with Kang-jae and updates Secretary Ahn. It appears Jae-in had arranged for Se-ro and Kang-jae to meet, and the latter is the one to suggest that Se-ro should pack his bags.

Se-ro intends to do nothing of the sort, since it doesn’t matter whether Daddy Han figures out his true identity or not. Kang-jae should be the one packing, Se-ro says, because he’s going to stop whatever deal he has going with Daddy Han.

Jae-in joins them just then and corrects them—both of them should be prepared to leave soon because she’s told Young-joon the truth in its entirety. That revelation surprises both men, and Jae-in says it won’t be long until the pint-size tyrant tells his sister and the public.

This was the only way she could think of to stop them, Jae-in argues; this has nothing to do with jealousy now, but loving the enemy’s daughter is crazy talk. Kang-jae isn’t safe either once Daddy Han learns of his affiliation with Se-ro.

Joining hands with Daddy Han was the wrong thing to do, Jae-in grits out, and he shouldn’t have tormented Se-ro by doing it. “You’re the one who’s tormented me the most,” Se-ro says.

Jae-in acts as if that statement wasn’t a major blow, and says that she’s trying to prevent history from repeating itself. There’s no such thing in this world as “one last job,” she muses.

Kang-jae tells her to use that savvy brain of hers to figure out why he decided to work under Daddy Han after giving it much thought—she can’t pull the brakes on this operation now, no matter how hard she tries.

“I’ll try to like you,” Jae-in replies; she knows that his unrequited feelings for her are partly at fault for why things ended up this way. But those words are too little too late, and Kang-jae says, “I don’t need you anymore. I don’t need your pity.”

Se-ro calls up Young-joon and asks him not to reveal the truth to either Young-won or Daddy Han. He tells little bro that there’s a way to stop Belle la Fair from being handed over and Young-won is in no state to listen to the truth.

Young-joon points out that it was Se-ro who drove her to that state, and he doesn’t believe that Se-ro is on his sister’s side. “How can I trust you, Jung Se-ro?” he asks.

So Young-joon calls his sister to tell her that he’s on his way and to ignore Se-ro’s calls. Something tells me that she isn’t going to listen.

Se-ro get momentarily caught up by Secretary Ahn’s lackey, whom he pushes aside with one sharp punch. But then the lackey recognizes Se-ro’s face from the photo album and reports back to Secretary Ahn.

Se-ro bursts into the studio to collect Young-won, who refuses to be dragged off again. I kinda love Se-ro’s impatient outburst: “Why is liking one person this hard and complicated?!” Preach it.

Young-won agrees to follow voluntarily, on the condition that Se-ro tell her where they’re going and why.

Se-ro answers, “Let’s eat together, watch movies together, go for a stroll while holding hands. Let’s have fun together like others do. Let’s go buy groceries together, and talk about our day while we cook delicious meals together, talk about whether we like the mountain or the seaside, and share our first thoughts of our day over breakfast. Let’s be together while we talk about those things.”

“Can’t we do those things like others do?” Se-ro asks. She dismisses all those mundane things he desires as nonsense, and Se-ro pleads, “Let’s be together.”

Young-joon arrives at that moment, and Young-won concedes that she once wanted those things with him too, but he screwed it all up.

Se-ro stops her from leaving and breathes, “Don’t go.” But Young-won tells him that he should at least think of how hard it is dealing with him in front of her brother. “Do you know how hard it was for me to forget you…”

But then Se-ro pulls her into a tight embrace before she can finish. She struggles against his hold, but Se-ro doesn’t let go. Tears falling from his eyes, he pleads one last time: “I know it’ll be hard, but be by my side.”


Now that Young-joon knows everything, and I mean everything, it’s only a matter of time until Young-won finds out the truth. And to that, I like that Young-joon has a measure of choice in the matter: he can either spill the beans to noona or keep her in the dark. We’ve seen him used as a puppet for so long in this series that it’s nice to give him some control. Not if the lackey can help it because I’m certain that Daddy Han knows (yes, even in his inebriated state) that the guy he framed is alive and well and tried to take him down.

Speaking of the grand scheme, I can’t tell if Kang-jae was telling the truth about whether he had deleted Woo-jin’s emails or not. All we can see is everyone else’s reaction to this tidbit, but if Kang-jae eventually wants to take Daddy Han down, I can’t imagine that he would have gotten rid of a valuable bargaining chip so easily. Furthermore, I keep getting this niggling feeling that Kang-jae agreed to execute this one last job for Se-ro’s sake to a certain degree. His words to Jae-in to make her think as to why he’s working with the enemy makes me think there’s a measure of self-sacrifice in his actions; that, and we’ve seen just how deep his guilt goes. And if we look past the conflicting feelings of guilt and bitterness, we see that Kang-jae is still concerned for Se-ro, who feels the same even though they’re technically at odds with each other now.

Then there’s Jae-in, to whom I’m thankful that she cuts through all the BS and sees just how ridiculous and petty this fight is between the two boys; yet at the same time, her method to stop their crazy and dangerous behavior is even riskier by revealing the truth. We knew that the truth would come to the forefront sooner or later, but now she’s treading dangerous waters, too. Given that Young-won knows about and where Scammers HQ is and that their own secret is blown wide open, there’s no point in hiding.

Which brings us to Se-ro, who decided to drop the lies and laid his feelings bare ’cause hell, what does he have to lose now? There’s something freeing about seeing a hero come clean and want the everyday mundane things in life that we often take for granted. He yearns for that normal relationship with Young-won that he knows he can’t have because of the Misunderstanding, and then it’s terribly ironic how she doesn’t believe nor trust him now that he’s been (nearly) unmasked.

His vulnerability is what grabs me at the end of the day, making him a more human-like melodramatic hero than most of the ciphers we see in dramaland. His intentions are spelled out for her, and I love how he brought Young-won back to Scammers HQ and told her that he wanted to turn the place he once tried to deceive her into a fortress that would protect her. Wait a minute, that would suggest I condone lying in the initial phases of a relationship. Er, I, well… I got nuthin’.


21 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. johanna

    Thank you ! I kind of jump on the recap first thing this morning, because the subtitles for the last scene between SR & YW were still missing on Viki (84% – fighting !) & I won’t have time to watch the episode in full today !!

    I need SR to get a break soon, don’t care about anything else at this time. I feel like the writers are using my heart to mop his tears.

  2. Melleit

    My sentiments exactly Johanna, this show is killing me!! I think it’s a crime that it’s not doing better in the ratings. I am going to be late for work now…. Se Ro, fighting!!! Love this man!

  3. kakdoogi

    Still watching and enjoying this show. It’s a melo alright but the acting’s great and I feel invested in the characters. You know something super sad is going to happen because of the intro scene w SR, you know, where he’s about to blow his brains out(?!). But despite the dread, am engaged and excited for the next ep.

    Also, have given up on the ratings. I would never watch Empress Ki even though I love HJW, so to each his/her own. So keep up the good work FS crew!

  4. k lava

    Wow, its so sad that full sun is so good but has very low ratings.thanks for the recap

  5. chunlee

    Just reading recaps of this show had already grabbed my attention… Though i haven’t started watching i can say that it’s good based on recaps alone… I hope it gets better ratings in the future…. Fighting!

  6. Abbie

    I may not like Jae-in, but I like that she told Young-joon the truth. I don’t like seeing him being used by everyone else. It’s about time he had a little power in his hands. I also like that he still wants to protect his noona.

    A great episode. I still don’t see how this show has such low ratings. It’s fantastic! I really want to believe that Kang-jae didn’t completely go to the Dark Side, and that he is doing this for Se-ro and the others.

    I liked Se-ro’s many confessions to Young-won in this. The ending, though, wasn’t too much of a cliffhanger. Also, the gun makes me worried that our hero won’t have a happy ever after.

    Thanks for the recap, gummimochi!

    • 6.1 Honeydew

      Yes, it is good that he actually cares for his noona. Young won is not as lonely as she thinks she is.

  7. Louise

    I just don’t get why this drama has such low ratings! It’s Way better than the previous two mon-tue dramas (which didn’t do well either). I just love Yoon Kye Sang so much! And Han Ji Hye too! Can’t wait for the next episode. . And it’s somehow frustrating about SR taking all YW’s hurting words when instead she should be the one apologising (not that SR is not at fault too).. This is my fav KBS drama these days with Inspiring generation being my second fav (i only watch those two dramas these days).

  8. Blkasian

    Wow..I so love the acting talents of the character playing Se-ro. He is an awesome actor. He has this ability to make you feel and experience all of the emotions one would go through in a relationship that goes a little south. OMG I just love this drama and I to do not understand the low rating. Are the powers to be a sleep ? They are missing the opportunity to see acting at its best with Se-ro taking the lead.

  9. bdale

    Love this episode !!! Thanks for the recaps ! I am so invested in this show its worth watch the conflicts of Se ro kang jae and Yoon Kye Sang . A big applaud to the writer you made this hero ‘timeless’ its such a joy to watch this drama. Cinematography direction and the awesome acting everyone is putting up is great !!! thanks

  10. 10 aX

    I was so surprised by the low ratings. It’s not a very complicated drama and it’s well-acted. Sure, maybe the viewers are anticipating the ending already or maybe even dreading it that they don’t see the point. With that said, i think the acting is very good and mature. I’ve always a fan of Yoon Kye Sang and I love seeing Han Ji Hye grow as an actress. I love their chemistry, too, although for some reason I’ve always felt the writers held back on it.

    I wonder why…

    • 10.1 windsun33

      I think one reason for the low ratings that unlike Bride of the Century or God’s Gift, it is missing much of the suspense factor.

      • 10.1.1 Newbie

        Because we all know, that he’ll die? I hope not! I know it’s unrealistic, but I hope both of them will make it out of this mess. That’s enough suspense for me.

  11. 11 Waiting

    Thanks for the recaps! This show needs a little more love, it is good!

    One question…didn’t YW already deduce that Eun Soo is really Se Ro in an earlier episode??

    • 11.1 gummimochi

      Young-won did, or at least she thought so. She went to confirm with Grandma, who denied it. So then we can assume that she didn’t want to believe it in the first place and/or she took Grandma’s word as truth and started over at square one again.

      • 11.1.1 Waiting

        Thanks gummimochi!!

  12. 12 Pearl~ai88

    This episode was a little slower, a lot of setup going on. However, some great character stuff as always.

    1. Kang Jae. I just cannot hate this man, even though at this point I probably should. I was really close to giving up on him completely in the scene near the beginning where he is such a jerk to Sero- but the brief reaction shot afterward reminded me of why I love the character. Just that brief flash of remorse and hurt from Sero’s words changed my hate to pity again. He is just such a sad character, tortured by his own bad choices but lacking the courage to change. Please, please, please step up and make the hard decisions hyung! I would just love this show forever if they pursue a redemption storyline for this character- so compelling.

    2. Young Joon- yay! He does care! I’m so glad he’s not an emotionless zombie anymore- I guess it just took an extreme situation to shake him out of his apathy. Really excited for more development for little bro.

    3. Jae in- the one character I am disappointed about. I actually really liked her in the beginning- she seemed like she sincerely cared about Sero and was spunky and different. Her relationship with Kang Jae also had potential, seemed like they had chemistry and maybe she just wasn’t cluing in to her true feelings. But now she has just devolved into manipulative second lead territory. So annoying to watch! 🙁 This episode made her a little more bearable as she was ostensibly trying to protect both the guys and at least she helped move the plot.

    4. Se ro! Finally a kdrama hero who actually admits his feelings and decides that noble idiocy is for idiots! Although, I don’t know if his “let’s just ignore the difficulties” thing is really a better solution. I wish he would just tell her the truth- I know you really want it Sero, but a relationship can’t actually work that way- YW can’t trust you and she won’t until everything is hashed out. Oh well, this drama seems to get through plot points and reveal secrets relatively speedily, so high hopes for next episode. Fighting!

  13. 13 kanz

    I love how heartbreaking Sero and Youngwon was.. Their scene when Sero put her hand on his chest is really heartbreaking. I cried a river!!
    Also love when Youngwon told it’s hurt when Sero wristgrabbed her. I think it’s the first time I see a heroine admit that wristgrabbing is hurtful.
    Youngwon may not the strongest and smartest girl but she stands her ground and believe herself. Glad Youngjoon actually love his noona.
    Full Sun fighting!!

  14. 14 rome_jyap

    Like most of you here, I believe that this drama deserves more than what it is getting when it comes to ratings. This is a good drama coupled with superb acting by the main leads and the supporting casts. I know that it is too much to ask considering there have been 12 episodes already aired but I am still hoping and praying that the last 4 episodes will get a much higher audience share.

    Full Sun FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!

  15. 15 Mei

    Full Sun is a good drama! the male lead and female lead are good. It is getting more exciting now. Don’t know why the rating is not going up. This show is better than 3 days and God’s gift. I stopped watching these 2 dramas.

  16. 16 Lilian

    Glad to see more of Young Joon. And there I was thinking how they wasted Son Ho Joon in a meaningless supporting role in the earlier episodes….just wondering is God’s Gift, getting most of the ratings for this time slot? It’s unfortunate then…coz this drama might do better in ratings if it was up in another slot.

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