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Go Kyung-pyo joins Nodame Cantabile remake as rocker violinist
by | August 1, 2014 | 50 Comments

Aside from that blip that we shall not speak of, I’m feeling pretty good about the casting for the Nodame Cantabile remake, which is tapping rising actor Go Kyung-pyo to play the Mine character. (They are reportedly in final negotiations.) Ha, this should be great.

The drama had taken on the working title Cantabile Romance but seems to have shuffled back on over to the original title. Something tells me this may go back and forth a while! In any case, the role is of a violinist who joins the orchestra that gets directed by our hero and the eccentric conductor. Mine was a popular character in the original and had broad comic appeal as the violinist who thinks he’s pretty great but maybe lacks the discipline to make the most of his talent.

Go Kyung-pyo is still in supporting lead territory but this should be a nicely high-profile role for him; good for him for movin’ on up. I can totally see him in the role of the guy who simultaneously admires our hero, envies his talent, and maybe also hates him for being so perfect all the time, damn him. I look forward to see his dynamic with Joo-won, for sure.

Go Kyung-pyo burst onto the scene a few years agoโ€”his debut was in Jungle Fish 2 in 2010, but I recall it was his spot as a cast member of SNL Korea that gave him that first bumpโ€”and has been working steadily ever since. Projects include Flower Boy Next Door, Potato Star 2013QR3, High Heel, and most recently action-epic sageuk Roaring Currents. He’s got pretty wide range but I think he’s got a particular knack for comedy, and he always seems so game to put himself out there and be ridiculous for the laugh.

In addition to Joo-won, Nodame Cantabile has cast Shim Eun-kyung as the quirky heroine, Baek Yoon-shik as the pervy conductor, and Do-hee as a supporting member of the orchestra. (I’m guessing the role of Masumi the timpanist will be next to be cast.) The drama will follow Discovery of Affection (which follows Trot Lovers) and premieres in October.

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50 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Chandler

    YAAAY! I love him.

    • 1.1 Carolies

      I love Eita and I’m so happy with the choice. Perfect!

  2. Aigoooo

    He looks like Choi Siwon in that picture.

    • 2.1 maldita

      He actually got noticed a lot in the beginning for looking similar to Siwon. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 2.2 Viki

      Lol, when Siwon couldn’t appear on SNL-K with Suju, he appeared in place of Siwon haha

  3. helloharu

    Great choice! I can see him as Mine ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 3.1 Katie

      Yeah I’m totally agree! I really can see him as Mine ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Pollywood

    Flower Boy Next Door! Yes, that’s where I remember him from – especially from the hilariously ridiculous model-posing. Hahahha.

    K-drama do have a hard time conveying humour in that slap-sticky Japanese way; so I’m sure we’re going to get an absolutely different “Nodame” from Korea …

    Please don’t screw up, Please don’t screw up, Please don’t screw up!
    Well, even if you screw up we still have our beloved Japanese version … that might be even better. xD

  5. tealeaves

    Soooo excited!! I’m really hoping that the characters will be just as crazy and ridiculous (in the most wonderful way) as the in the anime and jdrama haha

  6. snow

    This will be Mine??? Mmmm… can’t see it as yet. Eita rocked the role and set the bar pretty high. He and Tamaki Hiroshi had an awesome reluctant bromance (the reluctance was all Chiaki, haha).

  7. Fab

    OMG KGP looks so goodie goodie in that picture nothing like Mine. But I have fate that he’ll crazy-up real good for the character.

  8. Rachel

    He not only seems to have a knack for comedy, he’s pretty easy on the eyes too ^__^

  9. Yaya

    What blip is jb referring to? Excited for GKP!

    • 9.1 snow

      Yoona. And, depending on whom you speak to, Joo Won.

      • 9.1.1 yaya

        Oh, okay, thanks. I got a little confused and was getting worried! I’m not too worried about Joo-won.

        • Pearl~ai88

          I actually think Joo-Won will be a perfect Chiaki. Just me??

          • justme

            No, you’re not. I think so too. And if you go to naver or nate and read the korean media, they also think he’s perfect for the role.

  10. 10 sur

    haha I totally see it..

  11. 11 Net-chan

    I only saw him in Flower Boy Next Door but he seems like a good cast for the Mine character :)…
    Although Eita was awesome in the Japanese version of Nodame ;p. I should stop comparing haha.

  12. 12 enkeys

    why do i get excited at this news, not at the news of joo won casted or shim eun kyung’s lol

    i see potential. now if only someone can re-create the crazy hairstyle of Mine on him it’ll be perfect

  13. 13 Ofl

    I think the pics at the bottom are 1. is Chiaki in comics and 2. Mine in J-version…
    But maybe I was wrong… ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 13.1 arashi

      both are Mine, 1 is mine in anime and 2 is j version of mine

  14. 14 redfox

    excellent choice, he is very cute and funny, and he can hold a serious face while doing something utterly ridiculous and insane.

    • 14.1 Thursdaynexxt

      So true! We didn’t see enough of him in FBND, so I’ll be looking forward to more wackiness from him.

      Plus, he can sing! He did a duet for the FBND OST with the Crazy Editor girl! Maybe we can hope for some OST action from him and Joo Won …?

      • 14.1.1 snow

        Sing?? Neither Mine nor Chiaki sings. In fact, except for two small Saiko opera scenes, none of the cast sings.

        The whole OST is about classical music. There is no singing involved.

      • 14.1.2 Thursdaynexxt

        Yes, exactly that! If they’re going to do a Korean remake (and I’m assuming they’re not going to stick to the original 100% anyway), then it’s a chance to do something special with the remake that the J-drama version hasn’t got.

        If we’ve got musically talented actors in the k-drama cast, it would be a bonus to showcase their talents!

        • poth

          Sorry but that idea sounds dumb. Im all in for doing something special but having them “sing” for the drama would just be distracting…the main focus should be classical music through and through. And yes, chiaki and mine don’t sing it would be odd for joonwon to sing for the ost seeing that he’s acting as chiaki. Too ooc.

  15. 15 tien

    Yesss! gimme some go-kyung-pyo-ish, I love him and even more, he’s going to cast the rebel Mine, yup, agreed!

  16. 16 rhia

    EEEEE!!! This is going to be good! (This better be good.) EEEEEE!!

  17. 17 yasmin satria

    Hoooo, me likey. Visually, he’s too handsome to be Mine. But Go Kyung Pyo really can give anything for comedy in straight face, so I think Mine’s role is in good hand ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. 18 kanz

    I could totally see him as goofy but charming character… Or genius on his mind but totally not. Like his character on Potato Star. I love his cute romance with panda editor on FBND. He always makes me laugh out loud.

  19. 19 CFLH

    I’m getting exciteeeeed!!! imagine if kim seuk gi got the role of nodame? hahaha… either way i’m super glad its shim eun kyung!!

    masumi was the one who had a crush on chiaki right??? i’m wondering who’d they cast…hahaha..

  20. 20 mysticmalady

    Love the casting so far! ๐Ÿ˜€ Just hope they won’t ruin Nodame with poor writing/directing. If they’re gonna do a k-adaptation of such a well-loved drama in the first place, they had better do a good job…

  21. 21 D's handphone

    My Harbard guy is Mine-kun… *happy dance*

  22. 22 Thursdaynexxt

    Is his height going to be any indication of the dynamics he’ll have with Joo Won? I mean, both these guys are pretty tall.

    The deal with Prince Chiaki was that he was always condescending down at everyone from his pedestal, and Mine was always jumping around striving to reach Chiaki’s level, and the height difference (and hair difference) between the two were a nice manifestation of that.

    Actually, speaking of who’s going to be cast next – what about the “fake” Chiaki wannabe conductor? Are they going to keep that character?

    • 22.1 moonleaf

      Hmmm, but isn’t Tamaki just 1cm taller than Eita?? Eita is 179cm, and Tamaki is 180cm. Same difference with Go Kyung Pyo and Joo Won. GKP, 184cm and Joo Won, 185cm.

    • 22.2 Thursdaynexxt

      You’re absolutely right – I went back and had a look – and to my surprise, they’re pretty on par, aren’t they?

      Maybe it’s the impression I got from Mine’s antics – he never stays still! Sounds like a good reason to re-watch the original before this version comes out!

  23. 23 bigwink

    Waaaaawww! Spot on casting!
    He’ll be great as Mine, cause he does have all the quirks and charms for it.

    Ah.. how I wish I could say similar praises for lead casts~

  24. 24 junsungmin

    best mine scene!!


  25. 25 Kim Yoonmi

    Is there going to be a newbie writer on this, if so fear for the future of this drama. Good acting can’t ultimately fix donkeyed writing.

  26. 26 maymay

    I liked Mine’s character. He had his own loveline too. From the little I saw of him in Potato Star…I think he can play the character well. Lol.

  27. 27 concreteroads

    Yayyyy! So excited for all the confirmed casting so far.

    I loved this guy, he was so adorable and hilarious in Flower Boy Next Door.

  28. 28 m92

    haha.. wonder who gonna be cast as masumi and miki koyora character… they play a big part in this drama…

  29. 29 Danna

    he’s a great choice…I thought they might end up picking some idol but I’m so glad they’ve decided to go in this direction… Go Kyung Pyo has great comic chops

  30. 30 wt

    Wow. This is great. They HAVE to make him sport that hair, tho. Hee.

    GKP first caught my one as one of Yoo Seungho’s besties in Operation Proposal, which was another K-remake of a J-drama.

    • 30.1 anniemo

      He was one of my favorite parts of Operation Proposal!

  31. 31 Dorotka

    Rrrrrrrrrealy??? :–))))

    Great news.
    Hope the scriptwriter(s) will be on par with the cast.

  32. 32 pogo

    Mine? He has some big shoes to fill, but I’m far more confident about him as Mine than I am about Joo-won as Chiaki.

  33. 33 VanillaSalt

    Yes! I loved Mine, he’s awesome! hopefully he’ll play a great Mine. Can’t wait who they cast as Masumi

  34. 34 Viki

    He is DAMN perfect for this role. He kinda looks like Eita too!! Lol. And he can pull off that rebel-rocker image quite well. Out of all the casting so far, I like his the best!

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