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News bites: July 19, 2015
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Kang Ye-won, Lee Sang-yoon

  • Lee Sang-yoon (Liar Game) has been cast opposite Kang Ye-won (Bad Guys) in the thriller Come To See Me. Production on the film began this past week, and Lee plays a PD of a newly developed news program. He investigates a fiery incident for the pilot episode, and Kang plays the lone survivor of the fire, as well as a murder suspect. News outlets are reporting that in contrast to Lee’s previous characters, he’ll play a cold and steely man this time, but hmmm… Ha Woo-jin (though hot!) wasn’t exactly what you could call warm and cuddly? The movie will hit theaters before the end of the year. [Ten Asia]
  • He still has such a baby face: Kim Jung-hoon (Her Legend) will take the lead opposite Song Ji-eun (of girl group Secret) in The Law of Unchanging First Love, an upcoming web drama from H2 Productions (Full House, Sad Love Song). It’s based on a popular serial web novel, and in it, Kim’s a gorgeous guy who looks like he’s come straight off the pages of a comic book. He’s also a genius, but somehow, although handsome and smart, he’s still a total noob at love. Song’s an innocent and tenderhearted girl who feels pain when others are having relationship problems. Those of us who haven’t read the novel will have to watch via Naver TVCast in late August to find out how the relationship rookie and sensitive girl meet. The Law of Unchanging First Love will run for 11 episodes in total. [Herald Pop]

  • Kim Jung-hoon, Shin Ha-kyun

  • The first to sign up for upcoming comedy movie Baram Baram Baram is Shin Ha-kyun (Mr. Back). It will be set on Jeju Island and be about two families who move there to get away from it all. Shin is a man who once dreamed of becoming a top chef of Chinese cuisine, but success has eluded him so far, and he’s turned into an emasculated man, morose and unable to stand confidently in front of his wife. Production is still looking to fill the rest of the cast, but hope to get cameras rolling by the beginning of September. Baram Baram Baram will be directed by Jang Gyu-sung (I Am the King, Small Town Rivals). [TV Report]
  • Lee Dong-gun (Superdaddy Yeol) came off one Chinese project and headed straight into another. He’s currently filming a Chinese web drama called Good Evening Teacher in Shanghai. Lee’s a high school math teacher who is outwardly cold and who’s known for his biting remarks. Playing his student is Guan Xiatong, and they’ll get mixed up in a coincidental event and bump heads at every turn. The drama will be released exclusively on Chinese websites in the latter half of the year. [Xports News]

  • Lee Dong-gun, Kang Ji-hwan

  • Kang Ji-hwan (Big Man) has been busy on the set of Chinese-Korean rom-com movie Great Coffee Heaven. He’s in the middle of filming, and in the movie, he plays a top star in Korea who gets caught up in scandals and who escapes to China for a breather. There, he meets a fervent fan (Zhang Yuan) who encourages him to come back to the pop world, and as Kang dreams of his return, he’ll fall into a passionate love. Great Coffee Heaven hopes to premiere this winter. [Star News]
  • Im Seul-ong (Ho-gu’s Love) has been cast in Love Cells 2. In the second season, the love cells become stronger and better at navigating love than in the well-received first season. Im will play the perfect guy and a star chef, but he’s chosen his career over love and has never had any time or desire to date. The web drama will finish casting soon and begin filming shortly. [TV Report]

  • Im Seul-ong, Seo Hyun-jin

  • The cast just keeps growing for the upcoming Cha brothers’ omnibus film, Because We Love. Seo Hyun-jin (Let’s Eat 2) joins Cha Tae-hyun, Kim Yoo-jung and Sung Dong-il in the fantasy romance.
    [Star News]
  • All three leads have been cast for Eclipse: Kim Shi-hoo (Jang-kook Becomes Dallae) will take on the central character, a high school transfer student who becomes used to the new school’s strange atmosphere and friendly with existing student Choi Tae-joon (Girl Who Sees Smells). Choi’s character is difficult to read, while Moon Ga-young (King’s Family) has also been cast as someone at the center of a mystery; she will play a hoobae to the two boys. Jung Hee-sung (A Bizarre Love Triangle) will direct. Production hopes to release the film at the 2016 Berlin Film Festival, and cameras will begin rolling on August 3. [Xports News, My Daily]


14 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Daehoney

    Wow, Cha brother’s omnibus seems interesting! The casts are fabulous.

  2. annflln

    More Ha Woo Jin please lol

  3. Diana

    Can’t get enough of cold and tough Ha Woo Jin,… aaaaaaaaaaah… can’t wait his upcoming drama and movie..
    Lee Sang Yoon,.. ♥♥♥♥♥

  4. BellaMafia

    I am curious about what so called web drama. Where to watch? Is it the same format as the regular tv drama? How about webtoon, what is it? It seems like korean dramas are heading to another direction. Before only kbs, sbs and mbc, then cable dramas are started taking over, now I see more web dramas are in the making.

    • 4.1 Windsun33

      Most web dramas are short – 10-20 min, and many or most seem to be mostly fan service for idols groups. Watched a few, only finished a couple.

  5. Klava

    Ha woo Jin… sigh,it seems so far.
    Is star chef, the new thing? Before they were all chalebol now, it feels like they’re all star chefs.

    • 5.1 kayg

      lol ikr …
      chaebol-> vampires -> chef

  6. Shalini

    Ha Woojin returns! So pumped for this! Now how about that second season of Liar Game

  7. MrBloo

    Looking forward to Seo Hyun-jin new film with Cha Tae-hyun.

  8. makoto

    Zhang Yuan? is that the same Zhang Yuan from Abnormal Summit?

  9. whitewire

    Yes and yeeeees for Lee Sang-yoon. Kang Ji-hwan’s project seems really promising for me. My excitement level turned up reaaaaaal fast when I saw Cha Tae-hyun making another project. I adore him dearly as pie. He is fantastic and marvelous– he should be atoned by the heavens for whatever MESS Producer has given him with. I swear he was turned into a jerk the way the production happened. He was a first-billed character buried under the screen/plot exposure of Gong and Kim, and it started to make no sense. I tried to “time” his screen time and it absolutely is NOT for a first-billed actor. No wonder it was a huge flop even for knets. Dear dear. I was not able to control myself. That is why if only I have the power to redeem Cha, I would really take the honor. He is Cha Tae-hyun of South Korea, and no less.

    I’ve been missing Kim Jung-hoon. He was a hit back in Goong days, but he was still totally super cool in Witch Yoo Hee. He must make a big comeback pls.

    Lee Dong-gun, no matter how many projects he has done, he is the moooooost handsome in Mirae’s Choice. I swear I sweaaaar. I know the drama sucked towards the later part, duh, but the hotness Lee exuded was real fine. It makes his Yoon Soo-hyuk role 10 times older. Any Lee Dong-gun project is something I look forward to. Makes me have feels for real excitement.

    • 9.1 hellopanda

      Oh, I agree with you so much about Lee Dong-gun and Mirae’s Choice: he was just so beautiful and manly in that drama. I especially loved the scene early on where Mirae first became aware of him as a man, glancing at his strong arms and Adam’s apple… *fans self* I confess with no shame that I watched it just for him. <3

  10. 10 umunie

    Looking forward to Kang Ji Hwan new movie in China.. Its been a year after Big Man.. Good Luck KJH

  11. 11 kayg

    jeeezzz … as much as i love lee sang soon i couldn’t stand kang ye won’s acting… she ruined most of the scenes in bad guys -______- and when would liar game 2 be releaseddddd??!!! with that cliff hanger endinggg TT^TT..

    So excited for love cells 2 !! although , i initially hope that it will be the possible romantic relationship between yoo jung & dae choong 🙁

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