I’m SURE I’ve had this combination before, but for some reason, I recently realized how GOOD kimchi and tuna is together. Lol, this is so random, but I thought I’d share since I was packing some for lunch earlier and I noticed that I practically ate the entire container on like, 2 separate occasions. 2! By myself! *really shouldn’t be showing off how much I eat, lawl*

I eat it with white rice and it’s delicious. It’s also another really good way to finish/utilize our kimchi (the other way is making kimchi soup w/ it. My mum makes it deliciously). It’s also a really fast, easy, and cheap meal for when you’re on a budget because sometimes, these ingredients are already in your house! Add some seaweed, and you’ve got yourself a wrap!

Btw, remember my mom’s coworker/friend that gave us an entire box of turtle chips? Yeah, she’s the one that gave us the kimchi tuna, too. I just added more tuna. Hehe.