Kill It 3-4:-

As expected, this show continues to be a train wreck, with illegal biological science experiments as the cherry on top.

1) Kdramas blow me away with their ability to take what appears to be a strong FL on paper, & turn them into the damsel-est of damsels. This heroine is supposed to be a high ranking officer, part of a special investigative team, & an expert markswoman. She is the boss, basically. And yet, when faced with that russian criminal on the rooftop, she was shivery & nervous, acting like a god damn civilian, prompting our hero to swoop in & take the bullet for her. Which, if he had that much time to cross all the way over to her & turn her away from harm’s way, he had more than enough time to just shoot the guy from whatever position he was initially in. *rolls eyes* When he was being all melodramatic with his friend over the phone, going “why would someone try to save someone else even if they could be harmed”, I almost puked from the cringe. SHE IS A COP. THAT IS HER DUTY. And then showing that whole getting-coffee-for-elderly-lady thing. Someone just stab me. Save me from this this atrocity of the healing, martyr, vagina in a show that is supposed to be the opposite.

2) The assassin team gives me stress. How can they be so bad at their jobs?!

3) I can’t believe the hero has a gunshot wound, & yet everyone is going boo hoo over this tiny little scratch on the FL’s face as if someone slashed her whole face apart. If you don’t believe me, I have evidence!

the hero actually brought a whole lot of tools & sat her down saying, “I may be a vet, but I can at least treat this much”. Yeah, no kidding genius. Even a kid can. And if she didn’t even put a bandaid on, then it means that she didn’t want to ruin her look, so get a damn clue.

4) The confrontation between the hero & the russian criminal made me laugh. The dude actually thought that telling the hero to “calm down” would save him after he tried to kill someone close to him. For a major criminal, his survival instincts suck. And HAHAHA “wait! don’t kill me! don’t kill me!” hero: K. *shoots through the head*

5) Because this show is shitty enough, I am going to choose to ship the assassin with the young building owner. It started off with the whole whistle thing, & then the “she knoooows” moment solidified it. I hope the leads turn out to be siblings in the end, cause I want this show to take it all the way into WTF territory. It will be fun in the way train wrecks always are.

6) If the hero doesn’t turn into a werewolf later on, I will be sad.

7) Kiss

P.S. The FL’s “older sister” behavior towards the building owner just comes off as nosy & patronizing. Which is irritating cause I like her way more than the FL. I would have been pissed if I were her – “Lady, we have hardly spoken a few lines with each other & I own the land you are standing upon. So keep your age elitism to yourself, thank you very much. Also, can you do your job properly? K. Thnx”


    That is why I’ve been calling this show absurd from the very start. It’s absolutely ridiculous. 🤣


    Agree with almost all, except

    “Someone just stab me.”

    If we tried, he would just swoop across the room and take the knife in his back 🙂


    I just finished watching and that’s my thoughts exactly, shame that pair of actors I actually like a lot are wasted in this mess.
    ML as a killer is frustratingly, why did Russian mob take three tries, he had a GUN and still chose to engage in fistfight first, whyyyyy.


    Re: on point 6
    LMFAOOOOOOOOO, thankyouverymuch my thoughts weren’t too far from that as well.

    Literally agree on everything else. This is so bad, that I actually can’t stop watching it. 😂

    I might need to have a rant of my own, bc I just can’t with this show. 😭😂