Song and Xiao, JC and WWX…. [continued in comments]


    Only during the rewatch will you be able to notice this:

    Just as WWX decides to give up what is most important to a cultivator, we see Song who has lost his sight but regained it. Both WWX and XiaoXinCheng chose to give a one and only object in their lives to their best friend who had lost this item. Both of these friends did not know what they did and because of this, tragedy happened…. well, different types of tragedy but, yeah.

    Do these types of friendships exist in this world? Would someone be willing to give part of their body to someone else and in return lose that function forever? This is different from organ donation which happens for those who had died… this is where the person is still alive…. I know I am not ready for this type of sacrifice, but who knows… maybe I just haven’t met the person whom I will be willing to give my all….