Just finished My Country, it inspired my first gif story in a while ~


    Seon Ho drives fast yet lazily through modern day Seoul. He answers calls on his headset concerning local politics and corrupt businesses. He’s still trying to change the world by getting his hands dirty. He arrives at the isolated beach where Yeon was killed, and turns off his phone. Pouring out a drink, he looks up at the sky, imagining the kites they flew all those years ago, one turning into a parachute as he sips his soju.

    He loosens the knife he has hidden in his suit when he realizes that there is a parachute, with a person attached to it. As it gets closer he can make out a North Korean military uniform. Closer and he sees the harshly cut hair, looking out of place above Hwi’s face.

    Hwi lands with his usual dexterity, and with twisted smiles they acknowledge that, once again, they are on different sides of a war.


    Flashback to the two waking up after their supposed deaths at the hands of the palace guards.

    Flash to the end of the 19th century, as they fight in traditional clothes using swords against guns that just can’t seem to stop them.

    Flash to the 1930s as they use their seeming immortality to save many in the resistance against the Japanese.

    Flash to the 1950s where they are left on opposite of a war once more.


    In the present day, Seon Ho smirks, and helps Hwi to his feet. It was getting boring without him.


    I needed this. Thank you!