TGIF, dear Beanies!

What’s in store for this weekend?
Now that I have given my final thoughts on the brilliant horror flick that was The Guest and also had my heart wrenched at the impending doom in the beautiful melo 100 Millions Stars from the Sky, I feel a little drained.

I do have a few hours of dramas to catch up on Fox Bride Star and The Beauty Inside . Any recommendations on other shows?

[The following have been dropped, because there are too many good KDramas out there to be wasting time on mediocre ones that don’t engage me after either 3+ eps or even hitting the ½-way mark:
Ghost Detective
Terrius Behind Me
100 Days My Prince]


    Feel Good to Die!! The premiere this week was real good!


    100MSFTS has all my attention now. I watched episode 13&14 of Terius while thinking about 100MSFTS. I guess I won’t be able to watch anything else until it ends.

    Besides 100MSFTS My Ahjussi and Life on Mars were the only dramas that I liked from the start to the end. I don’t know how many shows I dropped and there were around 5 shows I finished but with like 40% of the initial interest.