I am here to share my embarrassing gym experience.

Today, I walked into a 55min cardio-strength class at the gym. Within 2mins of the workout, I was reminded exactly WHY I don’t do group gym classes (except yoga): it was a STEP ROUTINE class and I have ZERO coordination. I mean zilch, nada, niet. I suck at fast foot work routines so much, I don’t even do zumba. LoL.

I spent the 1st 5mins trying to keep up with the fast instructions and the foot rhythm on – off – around – next to this godforsaken step. By minute # 6, I pasted a fake smile on my face, trying my best to fight the urge to run out of class in frustration. By minute # 7, I was literally doing my own thing. This lasted an excruciating 40mins, when we thankfully moved on to upper body work with weights.

I have never felt so ridiculous in my liiiiiife and unfortunately, the whole class saw me… *sigh*

I washed this embarrassing moment down with a light 15min jog and a 40-min slow yoga session (with a client).

All this to say: I should have stuck to today’s recommended 6-wk HIIT home video workout 😅😅😅😅

Namaste 🙏🏾


    At least you powered through! 👊Once I fell down during a step class (couldn’t coordinate head, torso and feet). Such shame, such cringe! 😬


      My brother joked that I probably lost some weight from sweating out of embarrassment. ha ha ha ha ha ha