I just finished The Longest Day in Chang’an, an hour before my caravan subscription ends 😄
I love about this show more than Nirvana in Fire because TLDIC is a story about common people. Most costume dramas that I know have royals and nobles as the leads, but in Chang’an the story revolves around minorities, small vendors, lower level soldiers and civil servants. I think this is a story about their revenges.


    I finished it as well this weekend.

    I’m just trying to absorb the series. I’m trying to criticize this objectively as a whole. The break I took somewhat lessened my excitement.

    Overall, it truly is a quality drama. I really love the technical and visuals aspects of the drama. The costumes, The acting, the lighting and photography. They are all high quality. But it’s the characters and my lack of emotional attachment to them that’s giving me hard time, specially coming from binged watching The Untamed. The ending was sort of weak as well.

    I’m conflicted, basically. But it’s truly one high quality drama.


      The production value is amazing. Sometimes I wish some scene should be made into movie than a TV show.
      The ending is a bit underwhelming, but overall I really love it. I can relate to Xu Bin, Long Bo, Wen Ran and their frustration. Now my question is, where did Xu Bin get all those gold? I really hope we will get the answer in season 2.