Search Query: WWW ✅⭐️
Favorite drama of 2019 along with VIP 🖤
Favorite character & girl-crush: Cha Hyeon, she who kicks ass over an injustice and swoons over ‘her actor’ equally awesomely.

Though there was a stall in watching (paused around ep 10 for a few months), so glad i picked it up again and thoroughly enjoyed it. Just goes to show that timing is vital, even for drama-watching.


    Plus the best boss Brian and Puppy Lee Jae Wook. And the drama within the drama, What’s Wrong With My Mother-In-Law. Yes, WWW is my fave drama too 💕


      In the end I pretty much cared only about Scarlet and her actor. The main couple was hard to understand for me as they went forth and back and forth and back… in the end I didn’t care what happened to them at all.


        Yeah i know a lot of people found Tami n Morgan boring. Prolly why i sort of stalled watching too, but in the end i was fine with how they ended up. The ladies’ relationship was way more interesting anyway – i loved how Tami n Hyun slowly became besties tho they still argue like mad at work, how Hyun had so much faith in Ga Kyung that it finally made her take the right path and so much more i could list but won’t.. 😁