Indifferent, amnesiac Haru breaks my heart. 😭 I hope he recovers his memories fast.
Also why is Baek Kyung still so committed to the manhwa story even though he has become self-aware. We have seen how Dan Oh and Do Hwa managed to detach themselves from the story the more they became self-aware. Sure, they are still forced to do what the writer wants but in their Shadow-time they are standing above it because they see the whole picture (more or less; obviously Do Hwa still likes Jo Da but even then he is still annoyed with his character‘s behavior on stage). That‘s why I don‘t understand Baek Kyung‘s antagonizing altitude- especially towards Haru- even though he knows they are all in this together.
I missed Dan Oh‘s spunk this episode but I can‘t blame her. Haru‘s disappearance and reappearance as Baek Kyung’s lackey was so sad.


    technically, no one has been able to break free from their character sketch..

    Kyung is rebellious, so he will rebel..and is an angry, taciturn types

    Danoh originally (not just this comic) was written to be a particular kind, and she displays those traits


    baek doesn’t have a healthy set up in terms of family.. getting hit and not being able to talk back, having no one in the comic world.. mom is dead, the girl he thought liked him never liked him and will die..

    it is bad


    My feel is that he’s become so used to lashing out on the stage, it’s kind of like second nature that he has to “unlearn” + maybe it’s more deep-rooted for him because of how much his own set-up makes him angry/upset?

    Plus, unlike Danoh/Dohwa/pre-disappearance Haru, I don’t think Kyung has really committed to the idea of all the self-aware characters being in it together yet. Maybe it’s just culture shock or general suspicion on his part? I feel like Danoh, Haru and Dohwa had some kind of orientation/initiation—someone to talk them through what was happening/how everything worked. Kyung largely had to figure it out on his own, so maybe he still feels like an outsider?