I had a wonderful lazy Thanksgiving holiday filled with family, food and dramas. I finished watching Extraordinary You and Tale of Nokdu over the long weekend. Both were quite enjoyable.

I think I liked Extraordinary You more than Nokdu. The set-up was very unique and love how Secret was basically a spoof on Boys over Flowers. There were some plot pacing issues, some weird writing and silly tropes (amnesia? TWICE!?) but the romance was enjoyable with Haru being an adorable puppy. Eun Dan Oh wasn’t someone to sit back and let her life be decided for her and knew exactly what she wanted. Baek Kyung was all kinds of awful and needlessly horrible. But me and my brother loved him because he had become a meme to us. But the one who stole the show was Lee Do Hwa. He deserves to get the girl in the next comic! The most memorable lines were spoken by him and I could watch a whole drama about him. Overall it was an enjoyable watch.

I loved how Tale of Nokdu started. But what the drama started as and what it ended up as felt like 2 totally different dramas. I did like the drama overall but I wished the cross-dressing and the fun widow village antics went on longer. But kdramas sageuks are obsessed with drama and tension and can’t seem to just do cute and fun. So by the end it had turned into a dramatic political drama with almost none of the fluff from the beginning. All the actors did a great job, especially Jang Dong Yoon who I haven’t seen in anything before. I also really enjoyed how he portrayed Widow Kim. Loved the romance as the chemistry between Jang Dong Yoon and Kim So Hyun were off the charts. I overall enjoyed it but I went in wanting and expecting light and fluffy so was disappointed when it barely gave us a taste of that before going into full political intrigue.

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Holiday (if you are American) and a wonderful weekend ❤️ I love the community we have built here.