‘Kim Bum’

Drama Recaps
Hidden Identity: Episode 12
by | July 25, 2015 | 22 Comments
The team prepares to meet the Ghost — or at least find out who he is. It’s no surprise that the list of Ghost candidates are all men in power, although the type of power might be surprising to some (or maybe just to Tae-pyung). Figuring out who might be the Ghost would suggest that... More »

Drama Recaps
Hidden Identity: Episode 11
by | July 23, 2015 | 17 Comments
As the team finds themselves at a dead end in their search for the Ghost, some digging turns up a possible new lead. But this one will take some creative thinking on the part of the whole team in order to learn anything about their ultimate target. This new baddie is different, and will require... More »

Drama Recaps
Hidden Identity: Episode 10
by | July 18, 2015 | 10 Comments
Going rogue isn’t without its consequences, especially when that mission ends in failure. How much longer can Gun-woo seek revenge on In-ho? One month, apparently — at least, that’s all the time Investigative 5 Unit has to try and catch the Ghost. But in order to get closer to catching the Ghost, they need to... More »

Drama Recaps
Hidden Identity: Episode 9
by | July 16, 2015 | 14 Comments
Nobody knows what’s going on in Gun-woo’s head, and goodness knows the guy isn’t talking. But it’s time to learn what really happened on the day of Tae-hee’s death — how did she end up in that dangerous situation, and why did Jang shoot Gun-woo? The answers are important, and can help the team as... More »

Drama Recaps
Hidden Identity: Episode 8
by | July 11, 2015 | 19 Comments
Two steps forward, one step back. Getting closer to the Ghost is harder than it looks — and that’s saying a lot, considering it hasn’t exactly been a walk in the park so far. This time the Investigative 5 Unit must work together to protect the nation from threat of biochemical warfare, but cracks in... More »

Drama Recaps
Hidden Identity: Episode 7
by | July 9, 2015 | 15 Comments
Is a monster born, or is he made? And once a monster is created, is he wholly responsible for his evil deeds, or does the real blame lie with the one who created him? As the team gets closer to the Ghost (and to each other), it becomes clear that some hard questions will have... More »

Drama Recaps
Hidden Identity: Episode 6
by | July 4, 2015 | 18 Comments
As if trying to hunt down the Ghost and avoid getting tangled up with the NIS wasn’t a headache enough, the Investigative 5 Unit now has to deal with an idealistic prosecutor who’s determined to make them pay for all the times they’ve captured criminals by breaking the law themselves. At least Tae-in is well... More »

Drama Recaps
Hidden Identity: Episode 5
by | July 2, 2015 | 15 Comments
Hidden Identity is turning into a bit of a police procedural, as each case leads the Investigative 5 Team closer to their ultimate target — the Ghost. This week they’re after a smuggler, but he’s not smuggling anything so tame as guns or drugs… he’s smuggling people. They have to catch the human trafficker in... More »

Drama Recaps
Hidden Identity: Episode 4
by | June 27, 2015 | 18 Comments
Who knew that in order to catch a ghost, you first have to catch a mermaid? Team Leader Jang seems to know, but then again, he seems to know everything — almost as much as the NIS. That would seem suspicious if the NIS weren’t suspicious enough. Especially when it comes tracking down the man... More »

Drama Recaps
Hidden Identity: Episode 3
by | June 25, 2015 | 26 Comments
Teacher Jung’s plan to steal the hologram swings into action, with the Investigation 5 Unit right on his tail, but things rarely go as anyone plans. They’ll have to get creative in order to catch Teacher Jung, and inspiration comes from an unexpected direction. Gun-woo will have to break out of his eight-year funk if... More »

Drama Recaps
Hidden Identity: Episode 2
by | June 20, 2015 | 36 Comments
If you thought Hidden Identity was all about a brooding bad-ass Bummie you’d be, well, mostly right. But there’s still so much more to this slick action-thriller, especially when it comes to the Investigation 5 Unit and the fearless man who leads them. It’s not easy being the one in charge of secretly protecting a... More »