Park Jin-hee debuted as an actress in the 1996 KBS teen drama Start. In 1998, she landed her first big screen role in the supernatural horror film Whispering Corridors. In 2006, she and Shim Hye-jin led the SBS body-swapping comedy series Please Come Back, Miss Soon-ae, which earned her the New Star Award at the SBS Drama Awards. In 2007, she headlined the hit SBS series War of Money, opposite Park Shin-hyang. Her performance in the drama won her a Top Excellence Award at the SBS Drama Awards. That same year, she starred in the mystery thriller movie Shadows in the Palace, which gave her Best Actress trophies at the 12th Fantasia Festival and the 31st Golden Cinematography Awards. In 2010, she received an Excellence Award at the SBS Drama Awards for her work in the period drama Giant.

Park Jin-hee married her lawyer boyfriend on May 11, 2014. They have two children together.