Helllooo Beanies, Happy (Oh my gosh it’s) Saturday (WHERE HAS THE WEEK GONE!)!

Seeing as it has been [31]days since our last burst of useless knowledge:
Here are some facts about Aardvarks you do(n’t) need to know!

So do remember from a previous post, how aardvarks are basically badassess and they got awesomely strong claws and front legs(?) that are good for attacking and digging holes (It’s okay if you don’t remember, I don’t either.)

Well, basically, Aardvarks have earned the reputation of being the cutest (alright, it’s actually proficient, but they’re cute too) diggers of all African mammals. How crazy awesome are they? Well, they can dig a meter of a tunnel in five minutes!

Plus, once they’ve done their deed and move on, the holes they leave behind provide shelter for at least 17 mammal species and a hidey hole from all the big bads that want to eat them.

What a champ.