I guess this will be one of the last TEMPO’s performance?? SM cancels lots of EXO’s attendance to music shows.. and the boys now only talk about their repackage. Which is kinda sad..


    It’s a money grab. One day they will push their k-fans to their limits. Then EXO suffers.


    Sadly it wasn’t SM who cancelled most of the performances…we got 2 Inkigayo shows cancelled out of 3…
    And music core suddenly cancelled last week episode, which is going to air this week, so we have one show less for that too..

    For Mnet is cancelled because of whatever beef they have with each other, so that one is true..

    I’m not sure about show champion (on Wednesday), they could have gone there..

    We got quite unlucky, this time around! :(((
    And yeah, the album just came out but all they talk about is the repack! They messed up up the timing big time, imo..