Beanie level: Noble idiot

Does anyone else find the unanimous assembly hilarious? Their importance is always undermined and they never achieve their agenda.

Imagine taking the meeting minutes like:

Today’s agenda: verify JBY’s identity.

Wook interrupted at minute one (right on schedule).
We reminded him of our threat of Park Jin’s life.
He didn’t care.
JBY is pregnant?????
Even Jinmu couldn’t do anything.
Lady Jin was not happy.
They left.

Alright, good work everyone! Time for some Kopik–oh right, can’t have that here because of historical accuracy…(cue sighs of relief)


    I always see them as academic department head meetings but without coffee.


    Like the time they met to discuss the Jin family and everyone’s heirs got stuck in a bubble of rain.
    That was a weird meeting.


AOS would not need a season 2 if season 1 had been more tightly plotted. They had 90 mins episodes and meandered in the back half. I remember the pace and excitement of those first two episodes.
It was completely fresh and epic. I wonder what could have been if that had been maintained. If the show focused more on action.

I feel the whole Jin Buyeon arc was unecessary. The poor girl just became a plot device for Naksu to use as a vessel – in both seasons. I would have preferred Jinmu to be exposed in the first season (no magic bells) and everyone to have their happy ending. I find season 2 far less entertaining due to the melancholy vibes (not feeling Yul’s death flag, Danggu/Choyeon angst etc.) and the lack of Mudeok, whose antics were so fun to watch. She also had gravitas when needed.

Current FL is trying but I don’t like how they set her up as a damsel in distress. I can see the story meandering again too. I would like to see more serious involvement of Prince Won, his arc has lots of potential. But I’ll keep my expectations low and just watch for the familiar ensemble dynamics more than anything else.

P.S. Does it bother anyone else that everyone has forgotten Jin Buyeon was definitively blind last season?


    I think they mentioned the blindness in ep 1 or 2, when they were walking after JBY got off the bride boat.


      I must have missed at. I’m still surprised no one brought it up at the assembly where they where veryifying JBY’s identity though (then again i shouldn’t really be since nothing ever gets done at those assemblies).


    The blindness aspect did strike me. It was such a key element in the first season. How has her current ability to see been explained? I don’t recall any explanation.