I’ve finally caught up with Tale’s of NokDu and these two are just so cute! I wish they will have a happy ending and walk on a flower path of happiness 😭


    This show is cliche to the max and I love it. These two are the best, and, like you, I want them to walk on the flower path and will be so mad if they don’t get a Happily Ever After (although I have my doubts that the chaka-nim will oblige us). I also feel for these two, each with their own tragic pasts, and for the Queen. In addition to a flower path for these two, I hope Nokdu and his mother will be able to have the relationship that was denied to them by Gwanghae’s horrible (and, frankly, kind of stupid) deed 20 years ago.


      I’m in such a pickle trying to figure out what road will bring them into happiness because once DongJu finds out NokDu’s father is the king, we know for sure she’ll run away again and leave NokDu in tears.

      I really really really want a happy ending for everyone (including the king but not Grand Prince because he’s the devil incarnate)


        Grand Prince Neungyang is irredeemable. As for the king, I’m not sure. He’s clearly conflicted, but he’s already done so much wrong to sate his lust for power that I frankly don’t know that he deserves a happy ending.

        Dongju will run away if she finds out Nokdu’s Gwanghae’s son, but I’m also not sure how Nokdu will react if he catches Dongju trying to assassinate the king.