I’m still on board with “Hammurabi”, but unlike “Secretary Kim”, I’m not on my toes to watch it right away and save it for weekends. I love it but I don’t always feel like watching it. Anyone else?


    same here… and its not that MH is bad than SK but its other way round for me.
    Al other drama m watching are light fluff and i can watch them on the go… but MH has lots of information, emotions, feelings to share and to grasp so i need some time all alone, empty brain to comprehend….so i just wait till weekend to start it.


      Yes exactly!!! I always feel like I need to prepare myself to sit down and watch Miss Hammurabi. And the emotions, which can be a lot to watch during the week after work. Hence, weekends. LOL. I do really love MH though.

      But Secretary Kim is easy to watch and frankly, addicting. And it one of those dramas you can just get into right away and is perfect for watching while you’re knitting or something.