Even though I enjoyed Be Melodramatic in the 2nd half, I was unsatisfied by the ending.
So, I wouldn’t recommend the drama, but I definitely recommend Hell is Other People <3

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Let Me Hear Your Song – On Ep. 28
Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung – On Ep. 17

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A Day Found by Chance
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When The Camellia Blooms
Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life


    May I ask what disappointed you? Because I also had a few issues with the last episode.


      Well throughout the entire show, the writer/director relationship and their characters in general annoyed me. They were immature and over-the-top. But other than that, I really liked the other love stories but they were left incomplete. Where did that love interest even come from in that last episode for the one with the kid?? And it really annoyed me that the one dude (who was shown to be her love interest through the entire show) will possibly end up with his ex again…it was a really unhealthy relationship and it should have just ended. Really, the story line that really got me to watch the drama was the documentary director and her trying to get over her deceased boyfriend (which was hard because he was so perfect). And then her finding a guy that’s in the same place mentally as she is. Oh and also the celebrity/body guard/manager relationship 🙂


        I find it interesting that you found the characters immature and over-the-top. Because that’s EXACTLY how I’d describe them but that’s why they are so relatable to me. They’re like overgrown kids, and that’s pretty much how the unmarried urban youth is in my life (I’m also btw, just a few months short of 30). I’m pretty much exactly like these characters. 😀

        Different perspectives & all that, just wanted to say I have the same words but I use them fondly because they’re so relatable to me.


          I understand that XD I’m the same age, but my personality is closer to the characters that I liked, so I don’t relate to the writer/director storyline. But yeah, it depends on the person watching, who they’ll relate to or won’t relate to.


    There are definitely some things that could’ve been done better with Melo’s ending and some things definitely confused me. I loved it but I wouldn’t defend what went wrong with how the last ep and the characters were set up because it also took me some time and some rewatching to accept the ending.

    Glad that you’re still enjoying LMHYS but I’ll warn you that the show (sadly) drags from ep 11 onwards. And yay! Rookie Historian on your list!